Mass General Brigham Employee Tries To Get Nurse Fired For Disagreeing With Him On Facebook Post About Vaccine Mandates


I talked about my thoughts on Joe Biden’s new edict last night on the Live Show, starting at the 41:40 mark.

Yesterday Joe Biden used Orwellian, genocidal language during a 20 minute press conference where he announced that companies with 100 or more employees would be forced to require all employees to vaccinate for COVID. But as bad as that was, it was his language, and the way he spoke about and dehumanized 80 million Americans who have made the personal choice not go get vaccinated, that will divide this country more than it has been since the Civil War.

“That 25% can cause a lot of damage. And they are.”

Genocidal dictators always start by blaming the problems of the majority on a select minority.

“Those people over there are the problem. They are the reason people are dying. We have to do something to stop them.”

“We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.”

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The government should be afraid to talk to people like this, but they’ve scared so many people who are willing to stand by and watch their fellow Americans be treated like children in the name of collective safety. As long as the government knows at least 50% of the population will back them then they know they can do whatever they want. He’s been patient, but he’s getting sick and tired of what you’re choosing to do with your freedom and personal healthcare choices. It’s not his fault that he didn’t convince you get vaccinated, it’s your fault for not listening to him.

Keep in mind, he promised he wouldn’t make vaccines mandatory.

But that’s because he assumed you would go out and do it on your own. Instead you made a personal choice that isn’t helping his poll numbers, so the uniter in chief has to go into full dictator mode.

And that’s ultimately what this is all about – poll numbers. Biden just had his biggest debacle ever in Afghanistan and is looking for a way to distract from that. The only thing he’s polling well on is COVID, despite the fact that the pandemic seems to be never ending, and he ran on a platform of crushing the virus. But he’s seen the poll numbers, and he’s seen that a good chunk of this country wants to demonize, segregate, and discriminate against the unvaccinated. It’s why I will never, ever get the COVID vaccine. I refuse to sell out and join the privileged class. I stand in solidarity with the unvaccinated. I was actually willing to before, but they’re messaging has ensured that I will never comply now.

Ultimately the failure of 100% of the population getting vaccinated lies with Biden. This is basically the messaging his administration has been sending:

He urged people to get vaccinated, then continued to wear a mask while vaccinated, which was the worst possible message you can send to people about the effectiveness of the vaccine. He told people to take their masks off in May, then put them back on two months later. He’s declared war on governors who aren’t forcing children as young as 5 to wear masks in school, despite the fact that no European countries are doing that, and the virus has never been a threat to children.

But he’s doing this because it’s popular with his base. Look at what this ghoul said on CNN as Chris Cuomo nodded his head in agreement.

“You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can’t go out in public.”

She actually said that on a major cable television news network (kind of) and nobody thought it was problematic. We are about to see discrimination and segregation like you’ve never seen before, and the vast majority of the unvaccinated are low income and people of color. These people look at you as a disease infested leper that should be caged until you submit. They are your enemy and should be treated as such.

This is Jon Brickman from Worcester.

Yesterday on’s Facebook page they posted about the Biden speech.

A nurse commented on it, calling Biden’s edict dictatorial, which it is.

Jon didn’t like this, because Jon has no understanding of world history.

But he’s smarter than you because he works at one of the largest hospitals in the state and has meetings with “genius doctors.”

The nurse disagreed, so he called her crazy and mocked her weight.

Jon disagreed with her overall philosophy on medicine, so instead of just agreeing to disagree he did what people like him have been conditioned to do – demand to know where she works so he can get her fired.



“Be careful what you say and put out there honey.”

These people are your enemy. They are not people you can agree to disagree with. They seek to make you unemployed and destitute, so you must destroy them before they can destroy you.

Jonathan began to look into her, found out that she worked at Tufts, and called her boss, not realizing that she no longer worked there.

“I’d be careful what you say on here Malinda, word to the wise. When you make public statements like that be prepared for consequence.”

And who exactly are you Jonathan? The consequence cunt?

Since Jonathan likes to doxx people and try to get them fired for having opinions on healthcare that differ from him, you should know that he is an Administrative Assistant at Mass General Brigham in Somerville. Maybe they should be made aware that one of their employees goes around harassing women at their workplace and mocking their physical appearance because they have different opinions than him.


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