Mass GOP Holding Fundraiser At Home Of Accused Child Sex Abuser Luke Noble, Republican Candidates Called To Denounce 


The Mass GOP is having a fundraiser this weekend at the home of Luke Noble, who was accused by his 5 year old daughter of sexual abuse, and was filmed verbally abusing her when she was 3. The money raised at the event will go to Republican candidates for State Rep, hosted by Jim Lyons, Sheriff Tom Hodgson, former Senate candidate Geoff Diehl, and many others.

While I’m all for raising money for Republican state reps after the way democrats voted to push forward a blatantly anti-police bill two months ago, associating themselves with Luke Noble is tone deaf and disgusting.

If you’re unfamiliar with Luke Noble you can catch up by reading this. Noble was filmed screaming obscenities and verbal abuse at his then 3 year old daughter while driving.

Two years later this same daughter alleged that Luke Noble sexually abused her by telling her to put his penis in her mouth, and relayed this allegation to her mother and therapist. In 2016 Dr. Brian Orr was deposed after filing a 51A when he was told by Luke Noble’s ex-wife Jessica that their oldest daughter, the same girl he was seen verbally abusing in the video, had made statements alleging that her father had pulled his pants down in front of her and told her to touch his genitals.

The deposition of Dr. Orr was conducted by Luke Noble’s attorney Joe Orlando Sr. Dr. Orr stated that Luke didn’t start showing up to doctor’s appointments until recently, and that his staff witnessed him have an outburst at his daughters in the lobby. Dr. Orr described it as a “blowup” and said that they don’t often see this sort of temper displayed in the office by parents.

Dr. Orr noted “a lot of symptoms of urinary frequency” from Luke’s daughter before she went on visitation trips with Luke Noble, and wondered whether the girl might be afraid to see him.


Dr. Orr made it clear that her mother had contacted him and told Dr. Orr that her daughter had told her that he asked her to touch his private areas.

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Attorney Orlando asked Dr. Orr if five year old girls often seek attention by lying to their parents. Dr. Orr said that kids often lied or embellished, but about minor things like tummy aches, not sexual abuse. According to Dr. Orr, this was unusual because kids “don’t say these things unless they’ve experienced something.”

Dr. Orr told Attorney Orlando that the during a conversation about privacy the girl told him that someone had exposed themselves to her and she reported what happened to her mother. She did not specifically say her father, but the girl hadn’t told her mother that anyone else had exposed themselves to her. Dr. Orr stated that the girl asked for a coin, which to him meant that she was no longer comfortable talking about what happened.

Dr. Orr explained that the behavior displayed by the daughter was relayed to him by her counselor Mariah Marsh, and that Marsh had filed a 51A alleging that the girl made allegations that Luke had put his penis in her mouth.

Orlando attempted to establish that just because Luke had displayed a short temper with the girls at the doctor’s office, it didn’t mean he was a pedophile. Dr. Orr said that his concern about sexual abuse came from the fact that the girl was displaying behavior that indicated that she was afraid to go to her father’s house, not from the outburst.

Dr. Orr testified that during the visit the girl’s behavior was different and much more solemn and serious than usual. Attorney Orlando asked him whether or not Jessica could’ve made up the allegation, and Dr. Orr made it clear that although it was possible, he believed she was being genuine because she sounded distressed.

After Dr. Orr filed the 51A and gave his shocking testimony at the deposition, Luke Noble retaliated by terminating the girl’s relationship with the doctor and counselor. He was later found in contempt of court for doing so.

This is who the Mass GOP is choosing to host a fundraiser.Before publishing the stories about Luke Noble I contacted him for comment, he refused to give me one, and had his lawyer Joe Orlando Jr. call me and threaten me with litigation if I published. They did the same to the Boston Herald and I have the letter they sent if Orlando wants to dispute that. This is what Luke Noble and the Orlando’s do – use their wealth and influence to silence people. Luke Noble later went on to file a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife who filmed him verbally abusing their child and only dropped it when she agreed to a custody split. The Orlando family is now sharing this fundraiser.

All of this information was made public months ago, yet Charlie Baker did not take back his endorsement, and Jim Lyons and the Mass GOP have remained silent. Due to the lack of coverage or reaction from the Mass GOP Luke Noble was able to stay in his race for North Andover Board of Selectmen, but lost in a landslide.

I am firmly against everything the democrats stand for, but if the Mass GOP stands with Luke Noble then they are much worse. I am therefore calling on every Republican candidate for office to publicly come out and denounce Luke Noble. At the very least they must not accept a dime in money from this fundraiser. Your silence on this matter legitimizes him and allows Noble to remain an influential figure in Mass GOP politics. If this fundraiser takes place and is not moved from Luke Noble’s house on Sunday then I will be holding a protest outside of his $800K home at 35 Shannon Ln, North Andover. And I will be bringing a loudspeaker and playing the tape of Luke Noble hurling obscenities at his daughter on repeat. 

The reason the Mass GOP is so underrepresented in the Statehouse isn’t because they don’t raise enough money, it’s because their leadership is so incompetent.


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