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Mass GOP Vice Chairmen Tells Fake Israeli Model Who Is Catfishing Him That He Wants Her To Join His Orgies, Admits He Lied About Being Hacked After Leaving Sexual Comments About Underage Girls


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Last week we published a blog about Mass GOP Vice Chairman Tom Mountain, who was leaving hundreds of creepy and sexually charged comments on Facebook pictures of hot women he does not know. Many of these women were Israeli, and one girl from Alabama was just 14 years old when he called her “sexy.”

After the blog was published Tom Mountain posted on Facebook, claiming that he was hacked in a bizarre message in which he shared an image of himself decked out in Trump memorabilia. He opined that the hackers were doing this to him because he was “rising to the top of the political hierarchy” as the vice chairman of an irrelevant political party that barely exists in a state that has not had a Republican congressman since 1996, hasn’t voted for a Republican President since 1984, and occupies just 3 of the 40 State Senate seats. He compared the attacks by unnamed conspirators against him to the attacks on Donald Trump.

No person with a brain believed that, and it was embarrassing and cringe to read it. Luckily the Mass GOP mostly consists of boomers who don’t understand how the Internet works, so they blindly believed him.

Alex Hegarty knows how to win elections, and blindly believes obvious lies. He is an unstoppable political force serving as a Selectmen in Abington.

I am totally jealous of Tom Mountain’s success. Maybe one day if I am lucky I can be on overweight man in his mid 50’s wearing a veteran’s hat to give people the impression that I served, which isn’t technically stolen valor because I never actually said that I served.

Tom Mountain blocked me on Facebook after that but called me this morning because he caught wind that I was planning on writing this blog you are reading right now. He asked me what my end game was, and attempted to play to my sensibilities by repeatedly stating that we were on the “same team” (conservatives in Massachusetts). I informed him that the only team I’m on is Team Truth, and that I don’t appreciate liars who insult my intelligence by making up stories about being hacked when they get caught doing something embarrassing.

Tom attempted to win me over by complimenting me on my previous work exposing liberals and said I was an important part of rebuilding the Mass GOP. He said that he reads the blog often and supports what I do, but yet he was unaware that I ran for School Committee despite the fact that I blogged about it daily for weeks and received no help from the Mass GOP. The State Democratic Party invested in and campaigned for the 3 liberals who supported critical race theory and consequently were elected.

All I wanted from Tom was an admittance that he posted those comments about women. Every time I asked he deflected, neither confirming nor denying, and making up excuses that those were his friends from a long time and lots of people left comments like that. At one point it sounded like he was going to admit what he did by claiming that he’s not “internet savvy” on Facebook, and doesn’t know how comments sometimes post themselves under his name.

After 25 minutes it was clear that his primary motivation for speaking with me was self-preservation. He tried to convince me not to write about him, told me what a good guy he was, and attempted to hide behind his family and the party by claiming it would damage them both. But at the end of the day the party would be fine without him, and the only person damaged would be him.

Finally I told him that I needed a yes or no answer – did he post those comments? After trying to deflect I told him he had 10 seconds to give me an answer, and he reluctantly said that he did post those all. I told him he needed to tell people that publicly and admit he wasn’t hacked. Over 2 hours later and he has not posted anything.

The real reason Tom contacted me is because he knows that I have more information on him that is much worse than what I already posted. As you saw in the first blog Tom is a big fan of young, attractive Israeli women. He leaves cringe boomer sexual comments on their pages frequently, not realizing that the world can see it. One day he received a friend request from a woman named Chrissy Steinbach:

As you can probably tell just by looking at her, this is not a real person. I have no idea who is behind it, but the account was created days before it friend requested Tom and it should’ve been obvious that an attractive red headed Israeli soldier model would have little interest in the vice chairman of an irrelevant organization on the other side of the world. The person who created it knew about his thirst for young Israeli women, and figured he would be dumb enough to fall for it, which he did.

On June 16 Chrissy Steinbach messaged Tom, pretending to defend him from a woman who left comments on his page, and claiming that her aunt alerted her to the comments.

She immediately began complimenting him and compared him to Bibi Netanyahu, the conservative former Prime Minister of Israel, knowing that this would assuage his ego since Tom was such a big fan of his.

Chrissy pretended to be an aspiring model, so naturally she would reach out to an overweight man from Massachusetts in his 50’s for professional advice.


“Blessed with good genes.”

Tom gave her some life advice, but then Chrissy started complimenting him on what a powerful man he was and he took the bait like an idiot.

As you can see he’s literally trying to pretend that he’s Trump by claiming to be a host and judge for many beauty contestants. He routinely was invited by Trump to the White House for Jewish holidays because he’s just that important. When Trump was going through his holiday guest lists about who to invite he made sure that Tom Mountain always made the cut. Always.

Presenting himself as some sort of talent scout, Tom asked Chrissy to send him more modeling pictures so he could pleasure himself to them while pretending to be someone who could help advance her career. All she had to do was compliment him.

He claimed to be good friends with Bibi as well as being present at many modeling shoots and the parties that came afterwards.

Of course.

The pictures she sent were such obvious stock photos that anyone with a brain would realize did not belong to whoever was behind the account. He fell for it anyway and began asking her questions about her personal and love life. She gave him hope by telling Tom that she was really into powerful 55 year old married men like him.

When I told Tom this morning that he was not communicating with a redheaded woman named Chrissy he was genuinely shocked and asked who he was talking to. I have no idea, but he truly believes that he is an all important and powerful man, so naturally young hot women from Israel would send him their erotic photos so he could give them professional advice.

He warned Chrissy not to share these conversations with her “auntie” in America, because he was a powerful person who many were trying to bring down. Then things got sexual as he began to talk about all the threesomes he has had with women.

He told her to send sexier pictures with less clothes on and he began to send her topless pictures of himself from his prime in the 70’s.


She told Tom that she was planning on coming to America and wanted to know if he was married. Tom is married, and I’m not judging him or anyone else for what they do privately. My issue is that anyone dumb enough to fall for this shouldn’t be leading the Mass GOP. He told Chrissy that he and his wife have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship and that he participates in group sex frequently because he joined a “lifestyle Network” due to his high sex drive.

Then he started getting philosophical with her about sex, since he’s such a sex master.

“Too many women say no to sex when they want to say yes.”

Welp, that’s the rapiest thing you’ll read all day.

Chrissy kicked it up a notch by telling Tom that she wanted him to pleasure himself in front of her while she stuck a strap-on up his butt to make him orgasm by stimulating his prostate.

He told her that the strap-on would be “most welcome,” said that he would lick where the poo comes out, and then shove his self-described “manhood” inside of her.

At this point Tom thought he was dealing with a freak so he invited her to his imaginary orgies.

Chrissy began testing how far he would go, telling Tom that she wanted him to have sex with a man that she brought from Israel. He didn’t confirm or deny his intentions, and instead decided to send more sexy pictures of himself to her while telling her that he was masturbating to the ones she sent.

Just imagine how naive and incompetent you’d have to be to think that a woman would be turned on by this.

No wonder 37 out of 40 State Senators are democrats.

Tom asked for pictures of her wearing the strap-on that she was going to use on him. Chrissy asked for dick pics.

Luckily for everyone he didn’t have time to send any because he was on really important trip to South Dakota that he couldn’t tell her about because it was top secret. Then he ended every sentence with orgy.

Chrissy tried to get him to admit that he’d have sex with another man and/or admit that he saw nothing morally objectionable to having sex with 14 year old girls. Luckily for his sake he didn’t take the bait and redirected back to the orgies.

Orgy master.

Tom kicked it up a notch when he explained to her that he wanted to “triangle” and “f***lick her. Google those. Or just read Tom’s graphic explanation.

Chrissy responded by telling Tom that she was jealous of his 4th of July post because he had another woman in it.


Tom said that he participated in orgies with this woman, who was just a friend. He explained one graphic sexual encounter he had with her and a Hawaiian woman.

Obviously this never happened, but Tom was in the zone at this point and began telling her about orgies he had with “politicians, celebrities, newscasters, and famous models,” including a married Israeli politician who he and 7 other men all bukkaked (Google it).

He’s really into gang bangs and claimed that he and 7 other men had sex with his friend’s bride-to-be before the wedding. He told her that he’d like to watch her with 7 other men before having her to himself.

One of his friends arranged for 10 men to have sex with his wife!

Luckily Tom was smart enough not to send dick pics because he is “too high profile,” much like his good friend Bibi Netanyahu.

At this point he might as well have, as the things he was saying and describing were just as scandalous and humiliating as that.

Then on Friday afternoon the blog about Tom Mountain was published and he made the post about being hacked. This obviously worried Chrissy because she thought she was talking to Tom the whole time!

Luckily for Chrissy he confirmed to her that he wasn’t hacked and that he was just making that all up so dumb people like Aadina Bacher would believe him.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.

Tom previously claimed that he was hacked when he was sending messages like this to Chrissy. If that were true then he would no doubt inform Chrissy or block her now that he had his account back. Instead he carried on with her, acknowledging that it was him the entire time, and lamenting how people were coming after him because he was such an important person.

I don’t care what Tom Mountain does in his sex life. Everyone’s relationship is different and it’s really none of my business. What I do care about is that Democrats control everything because they are a well run machine in this state, and the people who are paid to combat this are spending their time sexting fake 20 year old redheaded Israeli models. Tom Mountain asked me on the phone if I wanted him to resign. I do, but I really just want him to tell the truth first. Stop lying Tom. You are an embarrassment to the party and completely incompetent. Let me be the Chairman of the Mass GOP and we’ll have Republicans elected everywhere.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries