Mass State Police Continue To Use Trooper Angela Guerrera As Diversity Recruiter Despite Damning DUI Arrest Report, Juror Emails Saying They Don’t Believe Her Now


So I’ve been slacking on the story I began last month about former State Trooper Robert Sundberg’s recent rape conviction of Trooper Anegela Guerrera and subsequent 10-15 year prison sentence. Read part 1, part 2, and part 3 to catch up. Long story short, these two drank and had an emotionally unhealthy sexual relationship relationship, but there’s no real evidence that he raped her besides her testimony. He got caught up in the perfect storm of Troopergate and #MeToo, and was a convenient target for a feminist judge and a feminist prosecutor, especially with a high priced male dominated defense team that likely turned off the jury.

The motive for the rape was allegedly jealousy, even though he literally let other men have sex with her in front of him. We can’t prove a rape didn’t happen at the moment. However, we can prove that she was extremely intoxicated during a traffic stop in Maynard shortly after the alleged final rape happened, she was bailed out by a commanding officer, she beat the charges but only after having the case moved to Quincy District Court, and she was without a doubt driving under the influence, regardless of the outcome of that case. She blamed Sundberg for it, because she seems to blame him for most of the problems she creates with her destructive life choices.

The bottom line is that it’s a disgrace that a state trooper can continue to maintain employment despite an arrest report like this:



You’d think with their long and documented history in the last 2 years of hiring drug dealers to be troopers, allowing systemic and rampant overtime abuse, and seeing the resignation of the highest ranking members due to the coverup of an arrest report for a Judge’s daughter, that the MSP would want to distance themselves from crooked cops like Trooper Guerrera. Instead they’re still promoting her as the face of diversity recruitment on Instagram:

They posted them on Facebook too

Here’s a link to a picture of her with 2 little girls, supposedly because Angela Guerrera is someone these young girls should aspire to be. Feel free to post a link to this blog and ask them why they think someone who drinks and drives and has such a destructive lifestyle is a person they would choose to represent their organization at events like this. It’s disgusting that the MSP refuse to clean up their mess.

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It’s disgusting that Governor Baker pretends like he’s reformed the MSP. Every trooper I talk to has low morale because they know there are still people like Trooper Guerrera wearing the badge and being given cake jobs like this while they follow the rules and see no advancement.

Meanwhile, we got this email from a juror on her rape case a few weeks ago. The person who sent it does not want their name to be released because she says she fears for her safety:

I was actually paneled for the jury. There was a jury of 14, and after the closing arguments myself and another juror was randomly selected to be the alternatives. I am in agreement with you as I don’t think he should have been found guilty for all 14 indictments. Some indictments I feel like he did commit but not all!

During her testimony, there was several instances / comments she had made, that made me question her believability. Do I think he committed rape?? Absolutely NOT. I believe it was consensual, and got a sense that she is a kinky / rough sex type of girl.

I did not have the chance to voice my opinion and deliberate with the other jurors but really wish I had. After reading your investigation blogs, there was so much evidence not allowed in and we never heard of, in which I do believe the verdict would have gone a different way.

As she sat on the stand, speaking her sob story in which she was very good at, she spoke of the alleged “rape” and described how she was holding on to her bed rails as he was trying to take her pants and underwear off. If indeed she did not want to have sex…. why was she not defending herself as any woman would do if their hands were free. i.e punch, scratch, pull hair what ever you could do to defend yourself from such alleged rape?

There are several inconsistencies that I had pulled out of her testimony along with other witnesses the plaintiff called upon, I truly wonder if the deliberating panel picked up and spoke of these in the deliberation.

The question of why this woman, who is strong and trained to fight back, was so easily raped so many times remains a mystery. I’ve called Robert Sundberg’s attorneys Michael Wilcox, Ed Ryan, and Louise Aloise multiple times to let them know that I received an email from a juror stating that she thinks he’s not guilty after reading our blogs, I confirmed that she was on the jury, but I haven’t heard back from any of them. They’ve already cashed their checks from Sundberg and moved onto the next case. With that type of legal defense it’s no wonder he’s behind bars right now, separated from his 3 kids.


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