Mass State Police Union President Calls Out 7 Executive Board Members For Voting To Pay Dana Pullman’s Million Dollar Legal Bills After He Stole Union Dues And Spent It On His Mistress


Disgraced former State Police Association of Massachusetts (MSP’s union) was arrested by the feds last month after a lengthy investigation into corruption:

The FBI said its investigation revealed that from at least 2012 and continuing until Pullman’s resignation as union president in September 2018, Pullman, Lynch and others “were involved in a scheme and a conspiracy to defraud the union membership through fraud and deceit, including Pullman’s receipt of illegal bribes and kickbacks from Lynch and the lobbying firm.” The investigation also found that Pullman, Lynch and others were involved in a scheme and a conspiracy to defraud two companies seeking to do business with the state of money and property.

While serving as union president, the FBI said Pullman “frequently embezzled and misused” union funds for his own personal use through a union debit card, frequent union expense reimbursement checks and by circumventing the role of the union’s governing board.

“As president of SPAM, we believe Pullman wielded a union like a criminal enterprise, running it like an old school mob boss to steal tens of thousands of dollars from the union,” said Joseph Bonavolonta, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Boston office. 

He allegedly used the union credit card to pay for meals, flowers, travel and gifts for an individual he was having a romantic relationship with, including $4,400 in flowers and gifts and $8,000 in personal meals in the Boston area. Pullman also allegedly spent $468 — including $150 on caviar alone — on a lunch at Marea, a Michelin Star restaurant in New York City, that he falsely claimed was a National Trooper Coalition meeting. Other expenses charged to the union included a $3,000 trip to Miami, including a stay at the Palms Hotel, $2,000 in iTunes charges, $40,000 in expense reimbursement checks and the lease of a 2017 Chevrolet Suburban valued at $75,760.

We’d been getting tips from people for quite some time to investigate Pullman, but we lack the resources the FBI has, so sadly that wasn’t possible. However, spending $2,000 on iTunes when music is free everywhere tells me that this guy isn’t exactly the smartest criminal. He also lives in Worcester and looks like every guy who’s ever live in Worcester ever, so I’m not sure who he was trying to fool when he spent $468 on a caviar lunch. Oh wait, that was mistress. The things people will do for tail defies all logic and reason.

If I were trooper and I found out my union dues were going to this slob so that he could impress a strange woman, I’d be furious. If anyone’s going to spend my money on a mistress it’s gonna be me, or the guy who’s sleeping with my wife.

Yet according to a letter that new union boss Mark Lynch sent out to troopers (which was then forwarded to Turtleboy), the union has paid over $900,000 in legal fees for Pullman already, AND 7 of the 12 members of the SPAM executive board agreed to OK that.


Click here to read the PDF letter on Turtleboy.

Credit where credit is due – Mark Lynch is a good cop who is clearly trying to restore the public’s faith in the MSP after a really bad two years of public scandals.

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He knows that people like Dan Risteen, Richard McKeon, Francis Hughes, all the people involved in hiring Leigha Genduso and covering up the arrest report for Alli Bibaud, and all the troopers who defrauded the taxpayers out of overtime pay, have given the public the impression that the MSP has corruption oozing out of its pores. He knows that continuing to vote to fund this criminal’s legal fees when they don’t have to will only further validate to the public that nothing has changed. And he’s trying hard to change that.

I don’t know who the seven people on the E-board who voted to spend member’s union dues on Pullman’s attorneys are, because the letter was sent from a burner account that doesn’t get return emails, but here’s the list of what appears to be the E-Board.

If any trooper would like to let us know who they are, they deserve to be called out as well.

Just a reminder to the rank and file – Dana Pullman isn’t real police. He hasn’t been in years. He’s a criminal who saw an opportunity to steal your money, and if you vote to give him more of your money then you’re basically the jilted lover who looked the other way when they found out he was having an affair. More importantly voting yes only further convinces the public that the MSP hasn’t been reformed at all.


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