Massachusetts Mask Law Doesn’t Apply To You If You Say You’re Asthmatic


Massachusetts is requiring everyone to wear face masks starting on Wednesday, but there is an easy way around this completely superfluous edict.

Just say you have asthma and no one can question you.

Boom. Problem solved.

The inability to enforce the law is just one of many problems Charlie Baker didn’t think through.

That’s how stupid and poorly thought out this was:

  • If masks were so critical why aren’t they required immediately?
  • If masks protect you from getting the disease then why should people wearing masks fear people without masks on?
  • If COVID can spread by touching things then why aren’t people required to wear gloves?
  • If masks save lives then why are they letting people wear t-shirts and bandanas that are likely covered in germs?
  • What happens when the masks get dirty or COVID molecules end up on them?
  • What part of wearing and breathing into a cloth for hours a day sounds sanitary or healthy?

But people don’t like asking questions. They see people dressed like the final scene of ET and they feel safe. The government likes to see how much they can get away with without provoking a revolt, and now they know they can pretty much do whatever they want so long as its in the name of “saving lives.”

The people who will be put to the test here are the police. Did they sign up to be mask meter maids? Or will they use discretion? The people are watching, and the public trust will be permanently damaged if they turn into the mask police.


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