Maura Healey Appoints Man Arrested And Charged With Choking Woman To Advisory Council On Black Empowerment Years After Endorsing His Failed State Rep Campaign


Maura Healey has gotten right to work as governor and made sure to be as racially divisive as possible by announcing the creation of an Advisory Council on Black Empowerment, because “equity will be put at the center of everything we do.”

Here’s her reasoning:

“Massachusetts’ Black residents make tremendous contributions to our state, but far too often, they face systemic barriers that hold them back from opportunity,” Healey said in a statement Friday morning. “Our administration is committed to bringing people together and centering equity in all that we do, and that requires ensuring that those who are most impacted by our policy have a seat at the decision-making table. We look forward to working closely with our Advisory Council on Black Empowerment to explore how we can best support our Black community, reduce inequities and expand opportunity for all.”

“Centuries of systemic racism in this country have fueled lasting inequities across all realms of society, but our Black community is resilient,” Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll said in a statement. “Gov. Healey and I are committed to not only listening to leaders in the Black community about the work that needs to be done to increase opportunity, but also acting on their recommendations to create real change.”

This is why they replaced the “equality” with “equity.” If she said that we needed racial equality she wouldn’t be able to point out a single rule or law that makes black people less equal. But equity isn’t the equality of opportunity, it’s the equality of outcomes. Black people share every right and privilege that white people have, but on average they make less money, are less educated, and are incarcerated at higher rates. Thus we do not have equity, and we cannot rest until every racial subgroup makes the exact same amount of money on average as every other racial subgroup.

In reality what will happen is that the government will allow racial discrimination against white and Asian people because they have too much equity as it is. Sure, there are plenty of poor white and Asian people, but they must pay for the sins of the more successful white and Asian people who share their skin tone.

Healey appointed 30 politically connected hacks to the advisory council, all of whom make comfortable six figure salaries and are widely respected in the community. The list includes doctors, bankers, CEO’s, former politicians, pastors, and black people who sit on government boards and agencies. It’s ironically a list of people who make much more than the average citizen and have significantly more power and influence, coming together to complain about how they don’t have enough equity under our current system. Many on the list are only where they are today because of their skin color, rather than in spite of it.

But there’s one name in particular on the list that caught my attention.

Moses Dixon is the President and CEO of the Central Mass Council on the Aging. He was widely celebrated by the circlejerk known as the Worcester Business Journal “40 under 40” watch list for his work earning a comfortable salary in this politically connected job. He comes from a good family, went to college, and has had tremendous privilege growing up.

If his name sounds familiar it’s because we ended his political career 6 years ago, and for good reason. Moses was running for a State Representative seat in a district that contains parts of southwestern Worcester and all of Leicester. It’s one of the few districts that was held by a Republican, Kate Campanale, who was up for re-election in 2016. I researched Dixon’s background and found out that he had been arrested and charged four years prior for choking his girlfriend, in one of the bigger stories I had ever published at the time:



Although I was able to get the courthouse records from the newspaper, the file had completely disappeared from Worcester District Court. This is highly unusual and indicated that a powerful person with connections used their influence to make it disappear in light of his upcoming election.

However, we did get ahold of the affidavit filed by his ex-girlfriend Kristal Hansley that she used to apply for a restraining oder against Dixon. According to Hansley, Moses overheard her conversation with a girlfriend, didn’t like what he heard, and began choking her and pinning her up against the wall. She was left with marks on her body that were observed by police.



Hansley was granted the order because she felt she was in imminent fear of harm without it.



I published these documents three weeks before the 2016 election and it drastically affected the results. Campanale won by a comfortable 10 point margin for a seat that she had won by less than 1% the year prior. It was a huge victory because some of the most powerful Democrats in the state had been propping Dixon up, including Senator Ed Markey, Attorney General Maura Healey, DA Joe Early, Ayanna Pressley, and Congressman Jim McGovern.







In response Dixon issued a statement blaming Kate Campanale for “smearing my character,” because an award winning journalist independently published undeniable facts about his history of domestic violence.

The Democratic candidate for state representative in the 17th Worcester District, Moses S. Dixon, this week is defending himself against domestic assault allegations made four years ago by a former “college sweetheart.” Courthouse records published on May 10, 2012, in the Telegram & Gazette indicated that Mr. Dixon, of Worcester, was charged with assault and battery. The court record said the case was continued to June 18 of that year. The case file was later sealed and no disposition information was available to a reporter this week at Central District Court.

“Anybody that knows me, know that I respect women, know that I value women, including my own mother working tirelessly to provide a good education for me,” Mr. Dixon said. “To really have this come up when I’m talking about how we can make sure that we’re providing the best opportunity for people in the district is really concerning to me.”


Only in Massachusetts can a man who choked a woman and is endorsed by the most powerful people in the state, claim to be the victim of political persecution.

At the time Maura Healey had been pressing her anti-domestic violence agenda hard, so I assumed she would cut ties after our story broke and was picked up (without citation) by other media outlets.

But I was young and naive back then and was under the impression that people like Maura Healey have principles, which clearly they don’t. Their political machine immediately went to work tracking down Hansley and urging her to make a statement in which she admitted that she lied about the assault. Hansley was living in Washington DC, and like Dixon was a political climber herself.



Like many victims of domestic violence she ended up going back to the man who choked her. She posted this on Twitter in 2015.


Her attorney issued a statement in which she said that her own allegations of domestic violence were unfounded, said what a great State Rep Moses Dixon would be, and called Turtleboy a negligent journalist for posting factual statements about his client’s ex-boyfriend.

An attorney for Kristal Hansley, the woman who in 2012 filed a restraining order against state representative candidate Moses Dixon, released a statement Friday affirming that the domestic violence allegations were unfounded. Hansley, now a Washington, D.C. resident, said that Dixon has proven himself qualified to serve the 17th District of Worcester and has dedicated his life to being a public servant. “My client is confident that Mr. Dixon will continue that dedication by serving the constituents of the 17th Worcester District with grace and fortitude,” Hansley’s attorney, Andrew O. Clarke, said in a statement.

We are appalled by the accusations made by negligent journalists in the City of Worcester so close to an election without first obtaining all of the facts. Allegations of domestic violence should be taken seriously. We should also take seriously the protections afforded us through the United States Constitution which require us to hold in high regard the findings of a court of law,” Clarke wrote in the statement. “My client can acknowledge that a competent court in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts did exonerate Mr. Dixon of any wrongdoing and defer to that finding.”

This was a remarkable statement because it was Hansley who made the allegation that Dixon assaulted her, so basically he was saying that his client is a liar. Anyone with a basic understanding of domestic violence knows that victims often blame themselves for their partner’s abuse and still say good things about them after the fact.

But the statement’s larger message was that Moses Dixon shouldn’t have his bright political career interrupted by an assault charge that they tried to sweep under the rug. Why was this attorney so concerned about the political ramifications for someone who is not his client?

Simple – powerful people will do anything to make sure they obtain more power. Campanale held one of just 30 Republican seats in the 160 seat legislature. The Democrats believe that despite their supermajority that can override any veto, 30 Republicans is 30 too many. They don’t care if Moses Dixon choked a woman, they just care about the D next to his name. So they contacted Hansley immediately and told her that if she didn’t issue a statement in defense of Dixon then her political future would be jeopardized as well.

After the retraction it was easy for McGovern and Healey to issue statements further supporting Dixon, while blaming Campanale for being the bad person because news was reported that could help her politically.

“Democratic officials closed ranks Sunday behind Moses Dixon, the party’s candidate for state representative in the 17th Worcester District, who has been under fire since his involvement in a 2012 domestic assault case has come to light. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey issued a statement Sunday affirming her endorsement of Mr. Dixon. “I stand by Moses Dixon and hope voters in this district repudiate the ugly, baseless attacks against him by the state Republican Party,” the attorney general said.”

A joint statement of support for Mr. Dixon’s candidacy also was released Sunday by U.S. Rep. James McGovern, D-Worcester, Mayor Joseph Petty, state Rep. Mary Keefe, D-Worcester, and City Councilor Sarai Rivera. They said: “If we believed that there was any truth to these allegations, we would urge Moses to withdraw from the race – but that is not the case.”

“In the past week, an allegation made against Moses Dixon four years ago, which was found to be without merit by a court of competent jurisdiction, has been thrust into the public eye by local and state Republicans seeking to use it for political gain. In addition to the Court’s conclusion that this claim was without merit, the allegation has been refuted by both parties to the case. We are proud to support Moses Dixon’s campaign for State Representative for the 17th Worcester District.”

What none of them directly addressed is that to believe Moses Dixon means you must believe that Kristal Hansley lied to police in order to have Dixon falsely charged. Of course none of them will actually say those words, and instead they called it “ugly, baseless attacks,” even though the “attacks” were documented with police reports and a sworn affidavit from the victim.

Despite his landslide loss to Campanale and his widely publicized history of domestic violence, this did nothing to hinder Mosex Dixon’s political career. He was immediately hired to work in his politically connected, high paying job. Now he’ll be serving on a council that seeks to identify how people like him are held back due to the color of their skin. It’s quite amazing how someone who comes from a marginalized race, has no connections to the state of Massachusetts (he’s born and raised in South Carolina and moved here because Democrats have trouble getting elected in SC), and was charged with choking a woman, can continue to have the backing of the most powerful people in the state in spite of all that.

Moses Dixon is the perfect example of why there is no need for committees like this at all. The only people in this state who don’t have equity are conservatives.


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