Maynard SJWs Promote Woman Running For School Committee With Long History Of Arrests, Taken To Judge Judy By Her Mother, Because Diversity


This is Toni Hammond from Maynard.

“Learning from old mistakes and making new ones,” while finding God and using dog filter. That’s the complete ratchet bundle package if I’ve ever seen it.

Toni is no stranger to the Maynard Police, having been arrested several times for crimes ranging from assault and battery to driving in unregistered vehicle.

But she’s also not white, therefore she is the ideal candidate for Maynard School Committee, as she recently announced her candidacy. And since woke white people desperate to prove that they are one of the “good ones” will suck up to anyone as long as they are not white, the woke patrol has gotten behind this woman.

As soon as I saw “anti-racist curricula” I knew everything I needed to know about this woman. There’s nothing anti-racist about “anti-racism.” It’s a dog whistle that racist people use to push critical race theory in school, which is a divisive, hateful agenda designed to get students to focus on their racial identity rather than the content of their character.

I won’t pretend to care or know the first thing about Maynard politics, but I’ll bet you any amount of money that none of the other candidates are “unapologetically racist.” This is just a label people throw around when they don’t have legitimate complaints about a person in 2021.

Her supporters also include this man.

Elliot Prisby is a grown man with a man bun who owns a karate studio in town and calls it a job. He’s using his dojo as a place to rally support for Toni Hammond because…..she’s a black woman.

“Toni has proven a smart, tough, capable, and community oriented organizer who is willing to fight for her kids and her neighbors.” Yea, that’s what she is.

And by that he means, “gets arrested all the time, but at least I can say I’m not racist because I blindly supported a woman of color, despite her obvious lack of credibility.”

If the name Elliot Prisby rings a bell it’s likely because this man-bunned karate cracker, who culturally appropriates Asians every day when he goes to work, was featured in a blog in 2018 when he started a GoFundMe for an illegal immigrant who kept getting arrested, and got State Senator Jamie Eldridge to share it.

Elliot readily admits that his “business” makes him rely upon his wife to pay their bills, but it’s capitalism’s fault.

Elliot runs a group called “Maynard Anti-Racism,” whose rules for white members tell them that they must shut up and think about how racist they are if they are called racist by a person of color, rather than defend themselves.

These people would whip themselves every day if it meant being reassured that they are not a racist by a person of color.

Under Elliot’s post endorsing this woman someone pointed out that she was once on Judge Judy, and people wanted to know why. A man named Andres Chavez said that it was because Toni’s Mom brought her there because Toni was neglecting her kids, and her Mom had to provide financial help which Toni blew on wigs and VIP booths at clubs. Unfortunately that comment was removed because it’s racist to point out troubling personal history about a woman trying to run the local public schools.

She can’t take care of her own kids but wants to run the public schools. But who cares? The only thing that matters is racial diversity, and if you have a problem with that it’s probably because you’re a racist. Now just shut up and think about what you’ve done.

Toni showed up on the endorsement post to clear up some of her arrests and her appearance on Judge Judy. But first she wanted to explain why she was the most qualified candidate.

She supports “students at risk and of color,” and “feels very strongly about social diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools.”

In other words, she doesn’t really know why she’s running, but a bunch of white liberals got her to memorize the appropriate buzzwords to regurgitate so that they can feel better about themselves.

Then she explained her arrests.

Oh I see, she was arrested because of racism. Duh! “As an African American woman” she often finds herself under arrest and charged with assault and battery when dangerous 30 year old men assault 12 year old boys (who age 6 years in less than 5 years somehow). Yes, that certainly clarifies things, although I still have questions about the warrant arrest two years later.

And what about Judge Judy?

It was Mom’s fault. Judge Judy agreed. Nothing is ever Toni Hammond’s fault, because she’s a black woman. Life is unfair for her, even though she seems to constantly meet influential people and gets opportunities she would not get if she were just another white person.

The South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) ran the program in partnership with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), the financial sponsor. In addition to the opportunity council, the clean energy center is partnering with Roxbury Community College to run a similar program there this year. The nascent program, now in its second year, is helping more women and people of color enter a clean energy industry that is booming and lucrative – but lacking in diversity.

If you’re coming out of SMOC then it means you made a lot of really bad choices in life, since they provide housing for junkies. Luckily the “clean energy” field is lacking in diversity, and Jamie Eldridge needed a black person for a photo op, so they hooked her up with a job in “clean energy” (whatever that means). This was an opportunity she never would’ve gotten if she were white, but nevertheless she’s the victim of systemic racism and wants to fix that.

This is how racist social justice warriors like Elliot Prisby are. They think so little of black people that they are willing to elevate anyone who isn’t white, because they figure they can’t find much better than a neglectful deadbeat Mom with a long criminal record who got taken to Judge Judy by her own mother. In Elliot Prisby’s mind all black people have histories like this, because he’s not used to interacting with black people. Because he’s a racist.


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