Mayor Joe Curtatone Forces Fire Department To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag From Somerville Fire Truck Despite BLM Banner On City Hall And Honoring Sean Collier


Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone has never hid his distaste for the police or his affinity for black lives matter protesters. Five years ago he urged the Middlesex County DA to drop the charges against several unemployed “protesters” who blockaded I-93 into Boston during the morning commute.

Earlier this year he humored an idea from a local transgender socialist who wanted to disarm the police in Somerville. I would imagine that last week while he was watching the Town of Hingham force firefighters to remove a thin blue line flag from a fire truck, that he was waiting for his opportunity to do the same in Somerville. That opportunity came over the weekend when a woman who goes by “Becca defund the police” expressed her displeasure when she saw a Somerville fire truck flying that flag and tweeted to Curtatone about it.

Keep in mind, this is a woman who doesn’t have a single picture of herself, although I think we can all guess what she looks like. Probably a lot like the 5% of the population who agrees with her, but to whom society is catering.

Becca defund the police lives alone in her sad, depressing one bedroom studio apartment with her cat, who is the only person in the world who can be forced to put up with her.

She regularly rage tweets when she sees anything commemorating first responders who have died, and really hates the thin blue line flag.

But since this is the kind of awful human being Curtatone caters to, he immediately jumped into action and bragged about how he had the flag removed from the fire truck.

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Hurtful to who in the community? Oh right, nobody. Not a single person is affected by this except for people who complain on Twitter and are constantly looking for something to be offended by. Keep in mind, the top selling book amongst these people is called “white fragility,” and now they’re demanding we take a thin blue line flag down because it allegedly hurts the feelings of black people. But yea, “white” fragility is a thing. Sure.

Becca defund the police was not satisfied with Curtatone’s response.

This was just the first thing on her list of demands, because these people hate the police. It has never been about saving black lives and has always been about her inability to get over the popular jock in high school who didn’t know her name and went on to become a cop.

Others wanted to move onto the next project – going after work trucks with bumper stickers.

Oh look, a truck fixing a road. Looks like they’re making American great again as advertised. Better call a social worker.

Curtatone represents a city full of awful people so he just panders and gives them what they want. His gross hypocrisy is so obvious due to the fact that he forcefully removed a thin blue line flag but proudly hangs this in front of City Hall.

When some cop supporters objected to that sing he actually said this.

Curtatone has argued that standing up for black and minority residents and supporting police officers aren’t “competing interests.” 

Supporting cops and black people are not “competing interests.” Yet the second he sees a flag supporting MURDERED COPS he immediately takes it down because it could be “hurtful” to black people.

This is another common objection the anti cop crowd has to the thin blue line flag.

I love it when they all of a sudden pretend to care about the American flag. These people sure lose a lot of sleep at night over the “flag code,” even though they proudly support kneeling for it during the national anthem. The fact of the matter is that Kelly Heft and people of her ilk simply hate the police, but they use the “flag code” excuse to avoid saying that.

What makes this even more disgusting is that the thin blue line flag specifically honors people like Sean Collier, the Somerville native, brother of 6, and MIT cop who was killed by the Boston Marathon terrorists. Curtatone has used this tragedy for many a photo op.

Sean Collier wanted to be a Somerville cop. He was on the list when Curtatone passed him over for political reasons. Before being assassinated Collier sued the City of Somerville for it.

If Curtatone wasn’t a corrupt hack and just hired the most qualified people on his list then he’d be alive and policing the streets of Somerville today. Instead he died alone in a MIT squad car and the Mayor who passed him over disgraces himself by removing a flag from a fire truck that honors the life and sacrifices of Sean Collier.


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