Mayor Of Drug Infested Lawrence Creates “Mask Enforcement Patrols,” Wants To Ban Golf Despite Refusing To Enforce Immigration Laws


Lawrence is the most crime infested, impoverished city in New England. It has major problems with drug dealing, heroin addiction, and serious crime in general, but luckily Mayor Dan Rivera has his priorities in order.

Following a two-week warning period, the city is rolling out mask and face covering enforcement patrols Friday. Those caught without a mask or face covering in public, in violation of an executive city order, will be fined $300, Mayor Dan Rivera said Tuesday. 

“Lawrence is a hot-spot for coronavirus cases,” Rivera said.

The city had 2,287 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 98 deaths as of Monday night, according to the state Department of Public Health.  Police enforcement patrols will target public spaces and businesses across the city. The patrols will run daily, Monday through Friday, in two shifts. Rivera did not specify the times of the patrols. 

“In order to stop the spread and keep everyone safe, you need to wear a face covering or mask whenever you are out in public,” Rivera said.

“We have been informing residents and the public for weeks now that you must wear a mask or face covering in Lawrence,” he added.

“This is a serious matter,” Rivera said. “Not since the Civil War have we had this level of crisis across our nation. So starting Friday, our police officers will be conducting enforcement patrols regularly.”

The order stipulates a mask or face covering must be worn by people when: 

— Entering any building open to the public;

— Using public transportation, taxis or ride shares;

— Pumping gas or otherwise using outdoor self-service facilities;

— Engaging in any activity within a confined or enclosed facility where members of the public are present or have routine access;

— Common areas in residential businesses.

A homemade mask, scarf, bandana or handkerchief is acceptable, according to the order.

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The order allows every store, workplace or other facility to refuse service and “expel” anyone who disobeys the rule. Anyone who remains in a store, workplace or other facility and refuses to wear a facial covering will be deemed a trespasser, Rivera said, and could be arrested or face civil prosecution. Despite the heightened safety protocol, social distancing of 6 feet should still be widely followed. The order does not apply to people who are doing outdoor physical activity, riding in a car, alone in a separate, single space, or indoors with their own family and household members.

Dan Rivera is morbidly obese and and susceptible to the virus. If he wanted to set a good example he would quarantine in his home and never come out until their is a vaccine, which is exactly what he is asking of actual healthy people.

He’s also the mayor of a city filled with unsolved crimes and rampant drug dealing, and instead of trying to fix those problems he is diverting valuable police resources to the newly created, “mask enforcement patrols.”

What a slap in the face to Lawrence Police. Did any cop in Lawrence sign up to be a police officer because they wanted to fine people for not wearing masks? This is an impoverished city, and many have lost their jobs. Now the cops are being forced to give them $300 tickets if they are seen pumping gas without a mask on.

Question for Dan Rivera – how many of the people who died from COVID were here illegally? How many of them spread the virus? We all know that there are no shortage of undocumented immigrants in Lawrence, since it’s a “sanctuary city” where federal laws magically cease to exist. There is no way to track these people because they have no documentation, they live on top of each other, and they are able to spread the virus with ease. A lot easier than a person without a mask on.

This is the same Mayor who still wants golf to be banned because it makes people feel “unseen” when other people golf, and white privilege, or something.

To be clear, he knows that golf presents no threat to spread the virus, but he wants it banned anyway because it’s not fair to people who lost loved ones. That’s his actual line of thinking. No one should be allowed to enjoy their life so long as others on earth are struggling. This is the elected leader of a city.

But like every tyrant drunk on power he is backed by the “Thanks for making me feel safe” patrol who voted him in in the first place.

Imagine thinking that your life problems should prevent other people from golfing?

Imagine calling golf a sport that’s just for white people even though their most favorite athlete is black?

Imagine living in the most crime infested city in Massachusetts, in a state where almost everyone who has died has been in a nursing home, and the priority of the police is to make sure healthy people are wearing masks while pumping gas?

This is what the “New Normal” looks like. Reject it and fight it at all costs.


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