McGarvery’s Bouncers Identified As Trevor Dyer And Dustin Bourque, Owners Says They Feared For Their Life 


The owner of McGarvey’s pub spoke with the Union Leader about the violent incident involving his employees curb stomping a drunk, and then jumping a good samaritan outside of his establishment.

Detectives have been assigned to investigate an incident outside McGarvey’s Pub on Elm Street on New Year’s Eve after a video emerged on social media showing bouncers punching and kicking a seemingly defenseless man. As the video unfolds, at least three men with “STAFF” written in large white block letters on their T-shirts are seen grappling with an unidentified man they have pinned on the sidewalk. As the man is held down, the video shows him repeatedly punched and then kicked twice in the head and face. During the ordeal, assailants call the man names, taunt him and ignore his pleas. Once he is able to sit up, blood is seen dripping from wounds on his head.

“We are not ignoring this, it’s a serious thing, we’re taking action,” said Bob Scribner, owner of McGarvey’s, who reached out to the Union Leader on Thursday afternoon. He spoke over the telephone with a reporter for several minutes but wrapped up the conversation to speak to police detectives. He said he’s fired one person.

He said it began when security staff confronted a customer who looked sleepy and asked him to leave. He started a confrontation and locked one of the staff in a choke hold; that bouncer was losing consciousness.

“All panic ensued. All these guys who work together think one of their guys is getting killed,” Scribner said.

This is one of the great PR blunders of all time. It’s not even remotely believable. The drunken man was falling asleep at the bar, he was asked to leave, and then magically transformed into Popeye and put the bouncer in a chokehold that was about to kill him before the other bouncers jumped in. This is the story they’re going with.


I wanted to give the owner a chance after he emailed me and seemed like a decent guy. He said he had fired one of the employees, but then never got back to me when I asked who. Poor bouncer probably deserves a vacation after surviving that ordeal with Popeye anyway.

The owner really needs to pick a side. Either you’re the no-nonsense boss who fires rogue employees that cost you business, or you’re the loyal boss who stands by his employees even when they’re d-bags. You can’t be both.

Since he won’t out them, I will. The bouncer who kicked the drunkard’s head in is Trevor Dyer.

Trevor has a tendency to stomp on people’s heads when they’re immobilized and unable to fight back.

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He took his Facebook page down after seeing last night’s live show, in which I asked for his name, but sadly for him the Internet is forever.

This is former car salesman Dustin Bourque.


Dustin didn’t like the fact that a good samaritan was asking his friend not to curb stomp a guy he didn’t know, so he hit the good samaritan without provocation, and then charged after him (with 3 of this black shirted thug friends) and tackled the him into a snowbank.

I spoke with Detective Flynn tonight, who said that he met with the owner of McGarvey’s prior to that. Yet the detective didn’t know the names of the bouncers yet. Where is the disconnect here? Is this how law and order is usually conducted in Manchester? I’ve only cut through that city on the way to less dumpy parts of the state, but it looks like their investigative techniques could use some updating.

We also have no proof that any of these jack booted thugs was fired, which is something I’d want to make clear if I were the owner. Otherwise it looks like you’re covering for them. Let’s hope MPD does the right thing by dropping the charges against Brandon Prichette, and filing charges against Trevor Dyer and Dustin Bourque.


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