Medfield Progressives Prevent Brazilian Woman From Getting On School Committee By Starting Write In Campaign For White Woman 


This is Flavia Benson from Medfield.

She’s a former attorney, small business owner, mother, and Brazilian immigrant who recently ran for School Committee in town.

Her resume is insanely impressive:

“I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I have personal experience as an English learner and overcoming educational challenges. I moved to the Boston area in 1996 where I attended Brandeis University followed by New England Law, receiving a scholarship for academic excellence in my last year. My husband, Robert, and I moved to Medfield in 2005, and we love this wonderful community.

I was an attorney in private practice for 10 years. Currently I am founder of Dovetail Mortgage, LLC, and Executive Vice President & General Counsel of Lighthouse Environmental Infection Prevention. Additionally, I was President from 2017 to 2022 and, since January, a board member of The Born to Run Foundation, Inc., which provides prosthetics, not paid by insurance, to children and young adults who have lost a limb. In Medfield I was a member of the Wheelock Site Council and acted as the Blue & Gold Banquet Chair for the Medfield Cub Scouts Pack 200 for 5 years.

There is a group of white women in town called Medfield Together, which pretends to show solidarity with the black community by living in a town where less than 2% of the population is black, largely because white people like them inflate home values and price out working class people.

Their primary concern is to make sure their children were forced fed “issues of racism and inequities” so they could grow up to be like their mothers – ashamed to be white, but unwilling to sacrifice anything personally in order to alleviate their guilt.

You would think that they would want some diversity on their 5 member School Committee (there are no non-white members), and that a successful Brazilian woman who’s personally invested in the schools would be the ideal candidate for them to push. But there’s just a couple problems – Flavia Benson isn’t a communist, and she likes America.

Uhoh, she doesn’t like wokeism or unnecessary COVID restrictions. Medfield Together likes minorities, just not THOSE kind of minorities. Ya know, the free thinking ones.

Medfield is a town that Joe Biden got almost 70% of the vote in. They have a Democratic Town Committee, just like most towns do, that ensure that their people (communists) are appointed and elected to every important board and commission in town. The problem is that no communists were on the ballot last week, and if they didn’t do something about that then this freedom loving Brazilian immigrant would probably win.

Luckily Medfield Together had a white woman ready to go. This is Michelle Kirkby.

She’s a loyal communist, and the machine decided that she would be the ideal white woman to prevent the School Committee from having any sort of diversity by running as a write in candidate, which she announced just a few days before the election.

“There are two open seats and only one candidate that remains that I wish to support.”

Translation – we only got one communist to run, and if I don’t jump in here now and suddenly pretend to care about the schools then someone who’s not on our team could get a seat at the table.

In a town where 70% of the electorate voted for Biden you don’t even have to be on the ballot to win. Democratic Town Committees will do robo calls and get the word out to their base that they need to show up for local elections, because no one votes in these things anyway. It’s ironic, because your local town government has much more control over you than the federal government has, and your vote matters a lot more than it does in a national election where it’s already known that Massachusetts will go blue. But national elections get 5 time the voter turnout. That’s how you get results like this:


The white privileged American born woman who was too lazy to take out papers and run a campaign or go to candidates forums won easily, just because she could. She didn’t campaign, or do anything really. She just showed up at the last minute, made it clear that she wouldn’t tolerate a brown person getting elected in her town, and the racist white liberals who run the town got behind her.

This is the DEFINITION of white supremacy. White people bonding together to make sure that black and brown people don’t infiltrate powerful positions in the government.

Someone in Medfield Together pointed out what they had just done:

This did not go over well with the white supremacists in Medfield Together.

“I support diversity on the school board and everywhere!”

Actually, you don’t, Andrea Balsamo. You had a chance to vote for diversity and you went with the white woman because you’re a white supremacist. Your Facebook filters can’t hide that.

Bethany Jablonski called it a “toxic and unsubstantiated complaint” to point out that all these white people kept a brown woman off the School Committee, when in fact that is exactly what happened. These are the same people who call you a racist if you don’t like Kamala Harris.

Then there was Sarah Zitoli.

Sarah doesn’t like brown people who “proudly advertise themselves as someone who stands for the anthem.”

Because communists HATE this country, which is why they hate people who come here from other countries and say good things about it. Sarah used to love America 7 years ago:

But then she went to University and learned how bad this country is because of the white supremacy that she actively upholds in her community.

Then there’s her cuck husband Michael Dewhirst.

He said the quiet part out loud.

“It representation isn’t progressives it is often just tokenism.”

Translation – if black and brown people aren’t actively trying to put democrats in power then they don’t count as real black and brown people. Racial representation matters, but only if they’re communists. The party that pushes critical race theory, of which racial identity it a core tenet, suddenly thinks racial identity isn’t important anymore when they’re confronted with someone who doesn’t look OR think like them. Don’t get Michael wrong though – tie goes to the black person. But in this case the white woman was superior, so she gets his vote.

Later on the Medfield Together women held a conference call with Becca Rausch, the State Senator in the white gerrymandered district who abused other people’s children by forcing masks on kids statewide last year. The topic? Equity and inclusion.

And her guests were a bunch of racist white people who actively made sure Medfield had neither of those things. The irony was not lost on some.

Medfield is just a small town in Massachusetts, but no small town election better encapsulates the fraudulence of those pushing divisive racial politics more than this one.


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