Medfield Resident Calls 911 To Report Easter Bunny On Front Lawn For Not Social Distancing


The coronavirus has enabled an army of Karen’s to do what they’ve been yearning to do for years now – become full time authoritarian snitches for the state. Every day now my inbox is and timeline are flooded with women in community Facebook groups attempting to publicly shame their neighbors for living their life in a way that Karen does not approve of. Not even the Easter Bunny is safe from their wrath, as was demonstrated yesterday when a Karen in Medfield called the police after seeing him on someone’s lawn waving at cars.

“Roger, looking for the Easter Bunny.”

Medfield problems.

Every day I think these people can’t get worse, but I forget how truly miserable these Karen’s are. These are women who as children reminded the teacher that she forgot to collect the homework. They live to enforce rules and make up new ones as they go along. This crisis was the moment they’ve been waiting for for years, and they’re able to use the police as a weapon to destroy those who don’t comply.

But you don’t have to take it lying down. If you see people doing this in your community groups I urge you to call them out for being snitches. They should be embarrassed for their behavior, but they’re not because we have created a culture of snitching and fear. These are the people who 75 years ago would’ve turned in Ann Frank because the government told them that she was a disease that could spread, infect them all, and destroy their society. Sound familiar?


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