Medford Couple Pretending To Be Homeless Brag About Making $400 A Day Panhandling Because SSI Only Comes Once A Week 


This is Kayleigh Reich and her “husband” Steve Marnell from Medford.

Yesterday she decided to log onto Facebook and post about how she scams people every day, making $300-400 by panhandling and pretending to be homeless because SSI doesn’t pay her enough to do nothing.

Why You Be Capitalizing Ever Word Like That?

“They only let people get so much.”

Here’s an idea – instead of being dependent on the taxpayers to send you a check every Friday, try obtaining employment instead of pretending to be homeless.

Then again, why would she get a job if people will just give her money? Anyone who’s ever given money to a panhandler is worse than the panhandlers. They’re just financing vulnerable people’s drug habits. Sure, they get to feel good about themselves, but this isn’t Oliver Twist looking to buy a bowl of soup. Panhandlers are always junkies. Always. That’s how they got there to begin with. Hard working people who are down on their luck don’t become homeless in the United States of America. People who give bloweys for fentanyl do.

You know your Facebook roster is filled to the brim with ratchets if you post something like this and not a single person says,”that’s extremely ratchet.” Instead she got a bunch of comments from panhandling veterans.

“People think there so much better just cause there inherited all there shit.”

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How many times can you screw up “there” in a sentence? And evidently the only way non-panhandlers obtain money is by inheriting it. Who knew?

Snatchbox 20 says she has big plans to rake in the dough on Christmas Eve because the weather’s supposed to be nice.

“u dont got to do drugs 2 panhandle.”

Yea, but it’s probably a lot more explainable if you do. Nevertheless, her man, who totally is not a junkie himself, doesn’t need a regular job because he’s making bank already.

You can’t bag a prized pig like this if you’re not making bank.

That’s just science.

These lovebirds apparently work corners in Medford a lot, and in order to work near them you have to contact her first, even if you’re a junkie veteran who used to work those corners back in the day.

“I got some snow tonight if you know what I mean.”

Drugs. She’s talking about drugs. Which she’ll be doing in her “gr8 apartments” after a long day of holding signs pretending to be homeless.

She also wants to clarify that she’s not racist just because black men are drawn to her like starving lions on a wildebeest with down syndrome.

I can’t possibly see what any black man would ever see in her.

This frustration actually comes from years of experience, as she used to be Facebook official with a black man on her old account.

She had to ditch that page though because “Bitchez needa hop off my mans dick.”

Who can’t relate to that?

She also got into an incident last month that she bragged about on Facebook, in which her and her new boyfriend were driving in a UHaul truck stopping short so that they’d get rear-ended, and then jumping out of the truck to pepper spray the offenders.

This is a perfectly normal way to live. Just your typical Wednesday afternoon high speed UHaul chase and throat cutting incident.

Snatchbox 20 also used to be a model. And by that I mean she created a free account on Explore Talent.

Luckily the new guy Steve who’s having sexual intercourse with her is a photographer, and she’ll be on the cover of magazines by this time next year.

Anyway, she has a lot of big plans for 2021.

I can’t wait to read that glorious sentagraph on the live show.

“I have put needles in my arm just 2 feel happiness.” – Panhandler who claims that not all panhandlers are junkies.

She also mentioned how she’s concerned about COVID, meanwhile she’s probably covered in disease, filth, and broken dreams and is making $400 a day approaching strangers in their cars to ask for money. They can do that but businesses can’t sell things to customers that they want in exchange for money because a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate could spread. Makes sense.


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