Medford Mother Posts “Next Time I’ll Hit Ya Harder” On Facebook After Crashing Into Woman’s Car While Drunk, Uses Pity To Get Free Christmas Gifts


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This is Ashleigh Maggio from Medford.

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This Medford Quarry Queefhog is quite charming.


On November 28 she decided to drive drunk and ended up smashing into another woman’s car.

In fairness, she is a ride or die bitch.

Emphasis on die.

After the DUI she was arrested, made bail, and immediately took to Facebook to remind the world that she is in fact 100% ratchet.

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Yes, that’s right. She this methed out ICP spunk target wrote “next time I’ll have to hit ya harder, it’s a vibe,” immediately after getting out of jail for nearly killing a woman who she smashed into while drunk.

And did I mention she reproduced not once, but twice?

That’s just swell.

She also used the crash that SHE CAUSED by driving drunk in order to get people to give her free Christmas gifts for her two kids!

It’s OK though because she forgot what happened that night.

She got it back though.


She’s loving the fact that the victim’s family called her out for nearly killing their loved one.

But she doesn’t like it when people disrespect her family.

Or when dangerous drivers aren’t careful on the road.

Or when ho’s try to steal whatever guy is dipping his yogurt slinger in her that week.

Some friends of hers from the Single Mom Tattoo Mafia did show up to defend the Medford Quarry Queefhog’s honor though.

Yea, why do you people care about your sister nearly getting killed by a drunk driver? This is exactly the kind of question I’d expect from the woman who was too pale to work the pole at the The Squire lunch buffet.

According to sources this isn’t her first DUI, and based on her attitude it probably won’t be her last either. The fact that she’s allowed around her kids is almost as scary as the fact that she’s allowed behind the wheel of a car. But hey, if she wants to come on the Live Show Sunday night to share her side of the story she’s more than welcome to. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in at 9 to see if she shows up.



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