Medford Salon Owner Urges Mobs To Loot Boston Businesses Tonight Knowing Her Business Won’t Be Touched


Jaclyn Nash is the owner of Hair Passion Salon in Medford, and a keyboard activist who frequently virtue signals about her own wokeness.

Since her business is safely in the Boston suburbs she doesn’t have to worry about looting or rioting destroying her livelihood tonight, which is why she’s encouraging people to loot and destroy businesses in Boston instead.

This of course makes her horrible and a massive hypocrite, which as it turns out is kind of her thing. According to her business owners who just went 3 months without revenue should stop complaining about rioting because they were complaining about having to lock down against their will.

Because that’s somehow logical in her brain.

Jaclyn is sick and tired of hearing about how everyone’s life matters, and she’ll never allow you near her family and she’s going to warn her black friends about you being a racist if you utter those words.

She’s allowed to do business once again, as long as you wear a mask.

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Because apparently she thinks that rioting for hours at a time with thousands of people is safe, but refusing to wear a mask kills old people. She must’ve missed the memo that COVID is officially cancelled thanks to Antifa.

She was a politically correct Mega Karen during Coronavirus panic, and lectured people not to use the country of origin when referring to the virus, lest they be labeled as a racist.

She ironically mocked people who protested for the government to open up, but is now actively participating in a much, much larger “protest” now.

Remember that time you mocked people, said they were going to die from commie cold, and then vowed to feast on their lungs? How’d that turn out?

For a woman who railed about the importance of taking precautions when it came to spreading COVID, she had no problem heading to the heart of the virus in New York City, going out to eat with no masks on, and then bringing her diseased self back to Medford.

This woman s pure evil. In an attempt to be woke she’s urging mobs of people to destroy other people’s businesses, knowing full well that her business will not be touched in Medford. I normally don’t ask people to flood a business with bad reviews, but since she’s literally urging people to destroy other people’s livelihoods the least we can do is NOT flood her business page with bad reviews, by NOT CLICKING HERE.


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