Medford Woman Employed As Clinical Director For Children’s Autism Agency Tells Trump Supporter She Hopes Her Child Gets Autism And Dies Of Coronavirus 


Early Autism Services is a nationwide organization that services children with autism. The have a Boston Team led by Medford woman Michelle Foran.

Michelle is suffering badly from Trump Derangement Syndrome and is unable to separate her personal political beliefs from her work, and she forgot that she represents the company when she posts things like this online.

It would seem rather unprofessional for a woman who works with autistic children to speak to people like that. Especially considering that half the country voted for Donald Trump and will do so again. What if she ends up getting a Trump supporter as a client? Will she refuse to help their children because she believes they are stupid, selfish assholes, suffering from a psychological disorder?

That comment thread lead to some private messages with people who she was arguing with.

How to throw your career away in two screenshots. She might’ve been able to get away with crapping on Trump supporters, since that’s kind of fashionable around here. But you can’t wish autism on someone else’s kids, especially when you work with kids who have autism. Big no-no.

Then again, you may be able to get away with that if your boss is this stupid:

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She was hacked!!


She actually told her employer that, and the employer, who presumably is a grownup, believed her.

Newsflash – if you’ve never run afoul of a woman named Kate “Bristol Blarney” Peter, then you haven’t been hacked. It’s just a thing people say when they get caught saying something dumb on the Internet and aren’t mature enough to own up to it.

She’s “committed her life to this?” Please. She’s a 28 year old woman who hasn’t learned to shut her knob washer on the Internet. You haven’t committed your life to anything before you turn 30.

That post just reeks of old people on the Internet, and is yet another example of why they should be banned from it. No one has been in touch with Facebook. That’s an obvious lie. Trust me, from a guy who’s been trying to reach a human being at Facebook for years, there’s no way in Hell you got through to a person because one of your employees said she was hacked with zero evidence.

Facebook also doesn’t deactivate accounts that they randomly decide are hacked. Individual users deactivate their accounts when they get caught with pie on their face like Sister Resistor did.

The fact that police resources are being wasted on this should be grounds to have this woman charged with filing a false police report. I for one am sick of basic Becky’s lying to the police and not paying any consequences for it.

Some more things that gave this woman away (which I missed because “Facebook” deactivated the account) include the “hacker” apologizing for the comments.

Lots of hackers do that.

That same hacker also blocked people who reached out to Early Autism Services.

Oh OK. So now the story has changed and it was Michelle who reached out to 1-800-Facebook when she realized she was hacked. Did you guys ask her what number she dialed? Nope. They just took her word for it. Because the thing about Facebook is they don’t have a phone number. Or an email. Or any way to reach them at all. But yet this woman realized she was hacked and had someone from Facebook on the line within minutes. Remarkable.

They also reached out to Facebook’s “legal team.”

I don’t know who runs this account, but they better over the age of 60 to be this bad at the Internet.

As hilarious as it is to laugh at what a spectacular fail this is, it’s also equally disturbing that a woman who told a stranger that she hopes their children gets autism, simply because she disagreed with their political opinions, gets to run the “Boston team” of a national autism foundation. The fact that she would use autism as an insult while working with autistic children every day is disgusting. The fact that she would then tell the person that she hopes their autistic child doesn’t get the services they need shows what a morally reprehensible woman Michelle Foran is. She did something horrible, lied her way out of it, and is now getting away with it because her boss is a gullible moron.

If you would like to let Early Autism Services know what you think of their decision to keep this woman on the payroll while millions of other Americans lose their jobs, click here to voice your opinions on their Facebook page. Or send them an email at [email protected]


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