Medical Examiner Rules Mikayla Miller’s Death A Suicide, Monica Cannon-Grant Vows To Continue Protest As Abusive Mother Uses $58K GoFundMe To Pay For Ben Crump 


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Today an independent medical examiner announced what we’ve known all along – Mikayla Miller committed suicide.

Never forget that these monsters attempted to profit off of this child’s suicide. They refused to use their platform to address mental health support networks, despite the fact that teen suicide rates in the LGBT community are astronomically high. They knew it was a suicide and yet they carried along with the baseless conspiracy theory and outright lie that Mikayla Miller was lynched by 5 white kids. Those children had their names dragged through the mud and were ostracized and threatened for it. Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Ayanna Pressley, Karen Spilka, Yvonne Spicer, and countless other elected officials fed into The Big Lie too. Never forget what they did to this poor girl’s name.

The worst person in all of this isn’t Monica Cannon-Grant or Tito Jackson, it’s Mikayla’s abusive mother Calvina Strothers. She knew this was a suicide. She knew she played a part in it by constantly abandoning her daughter to visit her boyfriend in Chicago. She knew she damaged her daughter when she abused her and forced her into DCF custody. And instead of grieving the death of her daughter she attempted to profit off of it by smearing innocent CHILDREN and inflaming racial tensions in town.

Calvina’s GoFundMe is still active, and in the last 10 hours has collected $1,100 in donations, bringing the total to over $58K. She claims that money will be going towards an “independent investigator.” Obviously that will not be happening now that it’s been ruled a suicide.

Monica lied about the body being exhumed for an “independent autopsy” with an unnamed witch doctor in an unnamed state. She promised she’d release the results of this autopsy days ago, but obviously that never happened. She used this lie to help Calvina raise all of this money, and I’m sure she will split it with her now.

When this news came out I knew there was a 0.0% chance Monica would admit she was wrong. She’s mentally unbalanced and incapable of doing that, yet the media treats her like a serious person anyway. An hour after it was announced that Mikayla committed suicide Monica posted that it wasn’t a suicide, and announced that the ultimate race hustler Ben Crump was coming to town to cash in on this girl’s death too.

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The lies just continue. The boys from North Brookfield were 16. Kayelyn Anderson is from North Brookfield, and they were there to visit her, not jump Mikayla. One was Puerto Rican. The ME just said this was a suicide, but Monica, who has no medical background whatsoever, says that it’s not. Because she says so.

Ben Crump is not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, and he doesn’t do appearances for free. If you donated to this GoFundMe then you paid for him to come here. That’s all you’re getting. Monica, Calvina, and Ben Crump will cash their checks and move on, leaving destruction in their path. Politicians will forget her name after getting some cheap retweets off of it.

Please take a minute to scroll down to the bottom of this GoFundMe and click where it says “report fundraiser.” The money they are raising is not going towards an independent investigation, so this is fraud.

Meanwhile, this is the narrative dumb white people who went along with the lie are going with:

Just point and laugh at them. They are all horrible, racist people who won’t let a black girl rest in peace.

“Hopkinton has some soul searching to do, as to why a black LGBTQ teenager was driven to take her own life.”

No, you horrible ginger, they don’t have any soul searching to do. But you do.

This teenager, like many teens of all races, took her life because she was depressed, heartbroken, and nobody was there to listen to her. Her mother didn’t care about her and neither did Robin Lebeaux. Mikayla wasn’t useful to Robin when she was alive, but she’s useful now that she’s dead.

Monica is still having her rally in Lowell on Friday to demand that Marian Ryan recuse herself from this investigation, which is now officially over. Problem solved. The best part is that Marian Ryan’s office is in Woburn, and the address Monica has listed is the social security office. Don’t tell her.

P.S. Mikayla left her condo on Revolutionary Way and walked 1,360 steps to the woods where she killed herself. In doing so she walked directly towards Main Street and the Police Department.

Pro tip for future fake hate crimes – racist lynch mobs don’t take their victims TOWARDS the police stations and busy roads where more people can see them.


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