Meet Andy Stone From Westford: Democratic Operative Who Gets To Decide What You Can Read On The Internet


This is Andy Stone from Westford, MA.

Andy is the Policy Communications Director at Facebook, responsible for deciding who gets to speak on the most powerful platform and monopoly that has ever existed in world history.

He comes from a well off liberal family, in a fairly wealthy liberal Boston suburb. He went to George Washington University, one of the most liberal universities in the country, located in the most liberal place in America – DC.

His first job out of college was working as the Manchester Field Coordinator for John Kerry’s failed liberal campaign for President in 2004.

After that he worked as a Senior Consultant at M+R Strategic Services. According to their website they exist to raise money for left wing non-profits.

Since 1991, M+R has been an active leader in many of the biggest movements, breakthroughs, and victories on behalf of people and the planet. Our founders are organizers at heart, and this grassroots spirit still guides our work today as we use online marketing, PR, and social media to engage the masses and raise money + raise hell for causes we believe in. We’re proud to have taken on big fights against Big Tobacco and Big Oil and led the campaigns that passed NYC’s landmark smokefree law and blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline. And we’ve mobilized millions of people and raised nearly a billion dollars to help visionary nonprofits fighting for marriage equality, justice reform, reproductive rights, immigration, housing, Darfur, indigenous rights, and livable wages.

These non-profits include Black Lives Matter, various bail funds, and Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Campaign.

He used this job to springboard to a new position as communications director for left wing congressmen from 2007-2009. From there he worked as the press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, before landing a job as the Press Secretary for former California Senator Barbara Boxer. He was even married at the Woman’s National Democratic Club in 2012.

Finally he landed a job in 2012 as the Communications Director for Democratic House Majority PAC, before being hired by Facebook as their Policy Communications Manager, where it is his job to arbitrarily enforce Facebook’s “policies.” It should be noted that he is the epitome of white privilege, and works for a company that claims to champion diversity and pushed black lives matter down your throats for several months this summer. They could’ve hired a woman of color to do his job, but instead they chose the whitest person possible because Facebook doesn’t care about diversity, as long as the white people they hire are sufficiently liberal.

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Yesterday Andy announced that Facebook was removing links to the bombshell New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s emails, which implicate his father for using his influence as Vice President to collude with a foreign government in order to give his drug addicted son a high paying job he clearly was not qualified for.

Facebook admits that it’s acting as a publisher, not a neutral platform. This matters because Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act states that if you’re a platform you are protected from lawsuits if third parties (you and I) post defamatory content about someone else. By deciding what is and isn’t true Facebook is acting as an editor and a publisher and should no longer have this immunity.

What this really is, is election interference. We’re 19 days from an election, and 40% of Americans get their news from Facebook. This story could potentially sway public opinion in swing states and keep people from voting for Joe Biden. By suppressing it Facebook is preventing people from gaining access to real news, and is acting on behalf of the democratic party.

Andy Stone claims that blocking stories while they fact check them is “standard process.”

This is a lie. Not once did Facebook attempt to fact check any stories about Russian collusion, Kavanaugh gang rape parties, Kyle Rittenhouse’s imaginary ties to white supremacy, or 16 year olds smiling while activists banged a drum in their faces. They are an agent of the democratic party.

Meanwhile, Andy Stone routinely shared false or unverified information on Facebook. In 2018 a picture of a crying girl who was allegedly separated from her mother at the border was widely shared, and used to point out the alleged inhumanity of immigration polices under Trump.

However, it was 11 PM, the child was tired, and her father stated that they were never separated.

Not only is the story is still up on Facebook and Twitter, Andy Stone used this unverified fake news to raise more than $20 million for a political action group.

On top of that he’s also raised money for the ACLU to sue President Trump.

The only book he liked on Facebook was from Hillary Rodham Clinton Books.

So it’s safe to say at this point that he is a left wing partisan hack, who happens to have completely unchecked and arbitrary control of how factual information is disseminated to the public, which could hurt the chances of the democratic candidate, 20 days before an election.

Of course President Trump will whine about censorship on the same platforms that are censoring news that could help him win re-election. He’s had four years to do something about this and instead wasted time whining about the John Bolton book and other things that don’t matter. If he loses in November it’s on him.

However, there is hope. Everyone should follow Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, because the youngest member of the Senate understands the problem better than anyone.

Today he announced that he’s subpoening Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify in front of the Senate.

As he points out, the Biden campaign is using the fact that the story was blocked as evidence that the story is untrue, and the media is helping them amplify this message.

I’ve been saying since our page with 112,000 followers was removed in 2017, over 40 pages have been removed since, and I was permanently banned from Twitter – these tech monopolies must be either nationalized or treated as public utilities. They have entirely too much power over our democracy. Verizon cannot censor you for talking about Hunter Biden on their phones, and Twitter and Facebook should not be allowed to on their platforms either.


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