Melrose High School Holds Bake Sale Selling Vagina Cupcakes To Raise Money For Planned Parenthood And “Normalize Female Anatomy” 


Melrose High School students had a school sanctioned bake sale last week to raise money for taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood, in which they sold vagina cupcakes to “normalize female anatomy” in the name of feminism.

Why is Melrose High School allowing students to sell vagina cupcakes while raising money for a billion dollar left wing Super PAC? When did schools become politically biased and allow students to fundraise for taxpayer funded institutions that perform controversial procedures that not everyone agrees with? Will Melrose High School allow students to hold fundraisers for the NRA in order to normalize safe and responsible gun ownership? Why are we pretending that women in Massachusetts are in any way, shape, or form oppressed? Why are we pretending that female anatomy isn’t “normalized” when you can watch porn on your phone while riding the train into work? When is the dick cupcake bake sale?

Most importantly, why is Melrose High School sending the transphobic message that vaginas are female? Haven’t they heard that women can have cocks now?

Speaking of vaginas, feel free to email Principal Jason Merrill and ask him any of these questions yourself:

This is hardly surprising coming out of Melrose. It’s the same school district where Superintendent Julie Kukenberger cancelled Halloween earlier in the school year because it wasn’t equitable or inclusive, despite sending her kid to a Montessori school where they don’t wear masks and get to dress up for Halloween.

Her Facebook page perfectly reflects the values being pushed in the Melrose Public Schools.

There’s a reason abusive parents like Mimi Lemay choose to live in Melrose and use their nonbinary and transgender children as props for attention.


The few normal people in Melrose were weirded out by the fact that their public schools were selling venereal disease ridden vagina cupcakes to raise money for Planned Parenthood, but the communists loved it.

The kids have already seen vaginas in the curriculum, therefore we should sell vagina cupcakes at school sanctioned bake sales. This is the face of a man who gets VERY excited at the prospect of high school kids selling vagina cupcakes.

“Radical misogyny requires radical activism. I would’v bought a dozen.”

The communist wants to push their values on you, and they want to use public institutions to do it. This is why I laugh at conservatives who think we shouldn’t push our values on other people’s kids because….small government, or something. You can’t defeat the communist by playing defense because they only play offense. Eventually they’ll score, so when you get the ball you can’t just dribble around in circles or you’ll lose.


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