Melrose Mayor Has Police Chief Launch Investigation Into Which Cop Wrote “The Safety Of All Lives Matter On Sign,” Racist Patch Reporter Criticizes Black Dissenters


This is Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur.

Last week he saw a traffic sign on Main Street that displayed a horrifying message.

Oh. My. God.

The safety of ALL lives matter? What are they suggesting? That we are all equal? Only some lives matter in Melrose, and it certainly doesn’t include the 92% of residents who are white or Asian. You’re only allowed to recognize that black lives matter. Anything else is racist. Those are the rules now.

Luckily the Mayor is using valuable city resources to find out who was behind this, and hopefully bringing back the electric chair as an appropriate form of punishment for the racist cop who thinks that the safety of all lives matter. Sadly all the mob got was an apology from the cowardly police chief who pandered to the mob.

Melrose Police Chief Michael Lyle said a traffic officer was recently ordered to update the message from a reminder about fireworks to a more general safety message.

“I am aware that the phrase ‘all lives matter’ is commonly used as a misguided counter to the Black Lives Matter movement,” Lyle said. “The sign was immediately changed and at the request of the Mayor, I launched an investigation, which is ongoing.”

The officer who typed the message told Chief Lyle he did not post the message with malicious or political intent.

“On behalf of the Melrose Police Department, I sincerely apologize to our residents and anyone who drove past the sign today,” Lyle said.

Who are you apologizing to you dolt? The wealthy white people who live in your nearly all white town and are outraged on behalf of black people they chose to live far, far away from?

The appropriate response to anyone who is offended by a sign that says “the safety of all lives matters” is to laugh at them and hang up the phone. That’s all it takes for the outrage mob to go away. Ignore and mock them. Notice they don’t bother with me anymore. The more you treat them like their ridiculous whining is relevant, the more they’ll find things to complain about. They feign outrage because they know it works, but none of them are actually upset about it.

Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and a number of other prominent conservatives got wind of this and Brodeur became a national laughing stock. But the people in his town had his back.

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Tracey Cruickshank believes that it is “reprehensible” for the police to suggest that they will protect all members of their community regardless of skin color, probably because she’s a racist white woman who doesn’t believe that all lives matter. And since she lives in a primarily white town, I have to assume that the lives she doesn’t think matters are those of black people.

This is Patch “reporter” Mike Carraggi.

He’s a closeted racist from Melrose who apparently doesn’t like the fact that black and brown people have opinions about the sign.

The usual local chirping had started Wednesday, but things took a turn Thursday when far-right conspiracy theorist Dinesh D’Souza retweeted Brodeur’s tweet about the sign.

“It is a mark of our times that a benign sign like this provokes the mayor—an obvious moron—to display a combination of false indignation and insincere penitence,” D’Souza said. “How has our society produced such embarrassing specimens, and how do they ascend to high office?”

Then came Diamond and Silk, vocal Trump supporters who were recently cut by Fox News for promoting coronavirus conspiracies. That account retweeted the tweet and told Melrose to vote Brodeur out of office — a common retort against Brodeur’s apology for a police sign that contained what many consider to be a dog whistle in times of high racial tension.

He could’ve chosen any of the millions of people who laughed at Brodeur’s response, but he chose three black and brown people, possibly because he is a white nationalist. He views every black person who disagrees with him as some sort of runaway slave who’s left the plantation, assumes that they’re not smart enough to have their own opinions, and calls anything they have to say a “conspiracy theory.”

He then followed it up by only publishing “black voices” over the weekend in opinion piece in The Patch, a pyramid scheme “news site” that nobody takes seriously. This was written by local resident Michael Thompson.

This background is why the police “all lives matter” sign is offensive, disturbing, and scary to BIPOC like myself. One of the horrific ways in which racial injustice continues to mar our country is in the inconsistent experiences BIPOC and white people have with the police. This is most clearly seen in the murders of individuals like George Floyd, but it also shows up in situations such as calling the police on black and brown people over civil disagreements or nothing much at all. 

So for the police to use a phrase meant to counter “Black Lives Matter” is scary. The people who are supposed to keep us all safe and, in so doing treat us all equally, put up a sign, intentionally or not, meant to oppose the idea that Black Lives Matter. That is scary in itself but scarier coming from individuals who have access to deadly force. When, as a BIPOC, you constantly have to endure public debates over your value, the police taking a position that the Chief acknowledges is commonly used to oppose “Black Lives Matter” is downright terrifying. It reads like the police taking a position against black lives. Using a counter-statement to “Black Lives Matter” demonstrates that black lives do not, in fact matter, or, at best, that they matter less than white lives.

The funniest part about this to me is that so many in the black lives matter movement like to use the term “white fragility.” There’s a best selling book with the same title that’s being used in public schools. But what do you call a wealthy black man working at a big law firm who says that he’s “disturbed and scared” about the phrase “all lives matter?”

Some might call that black fragility. Not me though. I just call him a bitch.

But being able to say “all lives matter” is a privilege BIPOC people don’t have. Their lives have not mattered and not mattered equally for hundreds of years and that continues to reverberate through today.

Michael, you live in Melrose, have a six figure job, you were selected for inclusion in the 2010 – 2012 Massachusetts Super Lawyers-Rising Stars® editions for your general litigation work, and you’re whining about equality? Cry more. This is me treating you equally, just as I would to any white person who came across as this pathetic.

Meanwhile Mike Carraggi is going with the “republicans pounce” take that media outlets always do whenever a democrat does something stupid that provokes a reaction.

And he really wants the officer who committed this heinous act to be outed and doxxed.

Be a bigger joke Melrose. You can’t.



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