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Poor Behavior

Meriden Only Fans Mom Has Live Show Removed From YouTube After We Exposed Her Using Her Son In Videos For Johns 


Last night’s Live Show was removed by YouTube for “child safety,” after the Meriden Meat Mustang filed a complaint. YouTube didn’t say exactly what the issue was, but I assume it’s because we showed redacted/censored images of her from her Only Fans account, putting on shows for her Johns in front of her young child.

This woman is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the welfare state. She proudly admits that she will not work, collects from the government, sells her food stamps, begs for more money online, spends this money on herself instead of her kids, and wears expensive jewelry and clothing (sometimes). We didn’t defame her, her kid was born with health issues because he had the misfortune of being in her womb, and she spent the donated money on herself. You’re not making enough money on Only Fans because you don’t take care of yourself, and you admitted in conversation that you plan to spend more money on yourself (lips and booty). 

She’s mad that we exposed her so she cried to YouTube and won. From now on we will be streaming on YT and directly to our website (, so that we never lose the content if it gets removed. Here’s last night’s show if you missed it. Freestyle starts around the 105 minute mark.





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