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Meriden Single Mom Bemoans Delay In Stimulus Payments, Looking For $200 For Bills Despite Just Buying New Car


This is Catherine Piccolo from Meriden, CT.

If Newport Light single moms had a face.

The other day she asked her Facebook roster to give her money so she can pay her bills until she got her free stimulus money.

Was she employed before the lockdowns began? Doesn’t matter. Congress can’t make the time to figure out who really needs money and who doesn’t, so it’s easier to just write checks to everyone, including those unaffected by the lockdowns.

Pro tip – if you only have $4 left in your bank account and you want people to feel bad for you, don’t post on Facebook about how you just got a new car.

Also, don’t pawn Grandma’s jewelry and make up a nonsensical story about buying them for your ex-boyfriend.

People will be skeptical and point out how irresponsible this is, which they did. And of course she responded in the most ratchet way possible.

Yea Andrew, you need to ask before giving her sound financial advice. Just shut up and give her your money. She’s “putting her pride aside” to e-beg.

This was really hard for her to do, since she’s so self sufficient and all. It’s not like she has a long and documented history of this on Facebook.

It’s not her fault that she chose to procreate with deadbeats who had no intention whatsoever of sticking around or paying her a dime in child support.

Perhaps you shouldn’t allow “jailbirds” to dump a fresh batch of throat yogurt into you and expect them to be there in nine months when the little tax credit is introduced to the world. It won’t end well.

Since the post did not go over well, the Meriden Meat Mustang did a follow up declaration telling all the people who suggested that she “get a job” to unfriend her, because she’s a single mom with a child with severe disabilities who she uses as a donos magnet.


A single Mom with a child with disabilities. Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy would literally make it rain on a person like this. She qualifies for every form of assistance ever. Yet she can’t wait a day or two to get her free check from the government for doing nothing. Makes sense.

I would highly suggest Catherine seriously consider taking her entrepreneurial skills to a little place called Only Fans. That way you’re not begging for cash, and you can feel better about the fact that you earned that money. This post got 580 likes.

If she can convert 1-2% of them to monthly subscribers she wouldn’t need no man or Uncle Sam to stimulate her in the first place.


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