Methuen Man Sends Dozens Of Women Graphic Images Of Male Member, Pretends He Was Hacked, Threatens To Call Police On Victims


This is Tim Miele from Methuen.

We’ve done a ton of blogs on guys who think it’s normal to send hog shots to strange women on Facebook, but Tim might be the worst and most infamous dick pic hit and run offender of them all. He has a whole Facebook support group full of his victims entirely dedicated to him.


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Look, I get that dick pics are part of the courting process in the digital era, but there is an etiquette to this sort of thing. Here is an example of an acceptable way for a guy to initiate taking it to the next level while texting a woman, which we discussed on the Live Show Saturday:

  1. Make a joking comment about being attracted to her. If she responds positively to that by saying something like, “oh yea?,” then you’re on the right path, but not there yet.
  2. Make a joking comment about her being so attractive that she gave you a chub. If she doesn’t ignore you, change the subject, or tell you to stop, then you’re on the right path but you’re not there yet.
  3. The ball is now in her court. Let her make some sort of comment that indicates she’s interested in seeing for herself, at which point you tell her that this can be arranged. You’re now officially in, but you cannot proceed until she gives you the green light.
  4. Ask to see something of her. If she sends you risque photos then it’s game on. She wants the d pics.
  5. Make sure she asks or requests for you to send it. Just understand that when you do there is a 99% chance she will share those images with at least one person, who will then share them with more people. They’re basically for public consumption the second you hit send.

Whatever you do, do not go full Brett Favre and assume that every woman out there wants to see your junk. I know it’s hard for you to come to terms with this, but there is nothing special about your dick. She has seen it all before, they’re all generally the same unless you’re an anteater, and although you might be infatuated with your own spam javelin, she will not be won over by you sending it to her uninvited.

A lot of guys think that women who might be on the fence about taking it to the next level will be convinced once they finally get a glimpse of your cervix scraper. Tim Miele is one of them. The Methuen Meat Mongrel will pretty much send schmenzer selfies to any girl he knows, but when they reject him (which they almost always do), he always uses the same excuse:


“Didn’t mean to send that to you.”

No woman will ever believe that. I know people like Tim think this is a clever way to go fishing and see if there are any biters, but it’s sexual harassment and no different than exposing yourself in front of a woman in public.

But this is his thing. Check out some of the dozens of messages he’s sent his victims on Snapchat and other social media platforms using that same excuse.



LOL. Pathetic. Just own it dude.

Here’s one where he actually gave his balls a wedgie.

Other times he has admitted to it and apologized like it’s no big deal.

You would think he would learn his lesson after being blown up on social media and begging his victims to take down their posts shaming him, but Tim Miele is just addicted to dick pics.

Never fall so in love with your own penis that you assume every woman alive will salivate over the sight of it. Especially if you know the women you’re sending it to have a boyfriend, because it’s a guarantee that they will show their boyfriend.

By far the most pathetic message he sent was this last one. First he claimed that he didn’t remember sending the images, which might actually be true since he does it so often. When confronted about it he claimed he was the victim of bullying due to his mental health issues that make him expose himself digitally to his entire Snapchat roster.

In case you felt any sympathy for him he also told his victims that he’d be going to the police when they publicly exposed him, and then went with the ol’ “I was hacked” routine.

Don’t you hate it when people gain access to your Facebook account and send your dick pics which they also somehow have on them to strange women?

He whined about what a good person he was, and continued to play the victim to his victim.

Hey Tim, you’re not a good liar. You’re also a sexual predator and you need to stop. Clearly these women shaming you on social media over the years was not effective enough of a deterrent to get you to stop, so hopefully this rightfully earned public shaming will. You don’t need therapy and you’re not mentally ill. You just have to realize that your dick isn’t special and nobody wants to see it.


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