Michelle Wu Appoints Woman Who Hates White People, Calls Cops Pigs To Be Boston’s Chief Of Equity & Inclusion Because Diversity


This is Mariangely Solis Cervera.

Mariangely is a she/her, and was recently appointed as the City of Boston’s Chief of Equity & Inclusion and Senior Adviser to incoming Mayor Michelle Wu.

She is an educated Latina “who’s” professional and personal experiences are highly influenced by her intersections as a first-generation queer mujer navigating educational spaces that were not designed for her or her communities. As a skilled ESL teacher, curriculum developer and coach, she works towards a world where all young children can live joyful and healthy lifestyles without having to compromise their identity.

In other words, she is a terribly uninteresting woman whose sole qualifications are her pronouns in her bio, her ability to begin every sentence by identifying her race, and her usage of words like intersectional in a failed attempt to make herself sound smarter than she is.

There is nothing that people like Mariangely hate more than equality, which is why they never use that word. Equality means everyone has the same opportunities to succeed. The communists prefer equity, in which everyone ends in the same position, regardless of how hard they work. They believe that people of color are incapable of achieving anything on their own, and that the only way black and brown people have a chance in this world are by making people like Michelle Wu more powerful.

Just like everyone Michelle Wu brings onto her staff, Mariangely hates the police. In 2020 she called them pigs on Twitter.

She believes that anyone who voted for Trump is racist.

She is absolutely obsessed with race, and in particular seems to really hate white people (including white people named Cruz).

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After mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton she tweeted out that the shooters were white supremacists.

The Dayton gunman, Connor Stephen Betts, described himself as a socialist, supported Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders, and wanted cops and oil executives beheaded. So basically when Mariangely sees white people doing bad things she assumes they’re doing it because they’re white and hate people who aren’t white. She intentionally lies and spreads misinformation for the purpose of increasing racial animosity. She is now the Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Boston.

She said that we’re lucky black people aren’t seeking “revenge” for George Floyd.

She doesn’t like learning about history from a white perspective.

And she called the former Boston Superintendent of Schools an “incompetent gringa” (white girl).

This is the kind of human being Michelle Wu brought on board with her to run the city in the name of diversity. Who cares if she’s a communist, a racist, and a grown child who still calls police officers pigs? She’s Puerto Rican. Just shut up and embrace it!

This is consistent with other personnel hires too. Last month Mayor Wu brought on a woman named Jessica Pierre to be her Communications Chief. It was soon revealed that Pierre had a long and documented history of racism towards Asians (and other groups) on Twitter. Her Asian boss has yet to comment on this, and likely won’t because Jessica Pierre is black, which is the only thing that matters to communists. As a result of the blog the woman in charge of communications for the City of Boston now has a private Twitter account that only certain people can view, and she has removed the offensive tweets we exposed. Screenshots are forever though.

Maybe, just maybe, the communications director should have actual communications skills and a Twitter account that the public can view in order to enhance communication. And while you’re at it, maybe the inclusion director shouldn’t be openly racist towards white people.

I told you all that you’d be begging for Marty Walsh back. Leave Boston while you still can, because it’s going to get much, much worse.


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