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Middleton Nurse Who Wants Schools Closed Because Kids Played In Bouncy Houses Travels On Plane To Arizona For Holidays


Middleton is one of the only communities in Massachusetts whose School Committee voted 4-1 to reopen their schools in August. The town is part of the Masconomet Regional School District so the high school did not reopen at first, but the elementary schools in town could. The teachers put up a stink about it since every teacher is now a HVAC expert, demanding new air filters be put in place, and one of them even dressed up as an angel to symbolize her impending death if she had to go to work.

Rumors are she’s still alive. Nothing less than a miracle.

As luck would have it, when you have a School Committee that actually cares about kids they stand up to the union and do what’s in the best interest of students. Shockingly zero teachers have died in Middleton, and if you simply ignore their online theatrics they’ll show up to work just like the people they buy coffee from at Dunkin Donuts.


The most teachers can do when you make them go to work is make a Facebook page where they whine about how they’re all going to die, and the Middleton teachers page is a real trip.

Oh no, everyone in Middleton is dying! Except 175 out of 100,000 in a town of 8,900 means that 16 people have COVID. And quite frankly what’s the difference between 1 out of 1,000 people in town having the virus (Lynn), and 1.75 people out of 1,000 people in town having the virus (Middleton)? If I told you you had a 1 in 1,000 chance of winning a raffle, would you get excited if I told you that your odds increased to 2 in 1,000? Not unless you struggle with math.

They’ve made it clear on the page that their primary goal of teachers is meeting their own needs.

Five year olds can learn to read on Zoom. They care so much that they forgot to show up for graduation.

They all got together (without masks on) for a car parade in late May though.

Anyway, this is elementary school nurse Dale Marshall.

Dale was PETRIFIED of going back to school when she heard the news, and basically held her own funeral on Facebook.

She wrote a letter that was read out loud at a School Committee meeting in December (luckily somehow she was still alive), warning them that keeping schools open was a horrific idea because she heard that kids were playing in bouncy houses and climbing on each other.


Uh muh God!! Kids playing! You can’t be sending nurses to see their patients in person! Just send them a check and wait until nobody ever gets sick again.

Dale wants schools to close because kids are being kids, but at the same time she got on a plane and spent the holidays in Arizona, just like every other teacher pretending to be scared of a virus.

They have no shame at all. They even post it on Facebook. They want your kids to be caged and deprived of an education while they get on planes and go on vacation. They then justify it by telling you that planes are somehow safer than schools, despite any sort of data to back up that hilariously stupid assertion. Wonder if Dale will fill out the form the union is making parents fill out.

The Middleton teachers shared this piece of misinformation the other day.

Which was quickly debunked by the Board of Health.

Must be nice to live in a town where the School Committee and Board of Health aren’t run by ideological hacks who actually follow the science.

Dale is far from the only one in that group freaking out while being a hypocrite though. Heather Alice is a resident who teaches in neighboring Danvers and is quite concerned.

Luckily for her she’s currently teaching remotely, which hasn’t stopped her from packing her bags and traveling around the country.

Rochelle Cooper, who teaches in nearby Lynnfield, recently made a threatening comment about teachers remembering which parents openly advocated for schools to be reopened, and insinuated that their kids would be punished for it.

Very professional.

Joe Carreriro is the husband of Middleton Principal Diane Carreiro.

Luckily for them they live in the free state of New Hampshire, so their kid gets to go to school and play soccer in Salem, NH without a mask on. And if you think kids in bouncy houses were scary just wait until poor Dale finds out all the places the principal has visited.

According to Middleton elementary school teacher Louise Kennedy the only reason parents want kids to return to school is because it’s the best thing for the kids.

She actually wrote those words and hit the enter button. Parents are out of control for wanting what is best for their kids, instead of letting the teachers work from home.

Also, just to clarify, there is an aspect of babysitting involved in teaching. That’s just a fact. It’s why teachers have to be on duty at lunch and recess and why kids have to be supervised in study hall. You’re not a babysitter, but it’s one of the many things you’re paid to do so parents can earn a living and pay the taxes that fund teacher’s salaries.

We need more communities like Middleton. The teacher’s union is not scary and you don’t have to give into their demands. They’re going to complain no matter what since they’re all run by theatrical women who pretend like the world is always ending. But ultimately they have no power and don’t get to control when your kids return to school, so try electing School Committee members that represent your children and not teachers like this.


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