Miguel Martinez Charged With Animal Cruelty For Beating Dog, Previously Charged With Killing 9 Month Old Daughter And Rape, NBPD Blames Neighbor For Filming


The New Bedford Guide is reporting that Miguel Martinez, the man seen beating his dog on video in yesterday, has been charged.

Miguel A. Martinez, 41, has been charged with animal cruelty in accordance with Massachusetts general laws Chapter 272, Section 77, after alleged cruelty to a dog in New Bedford. Martinez was charged after police responded to his residence, 472 Cottage Street, on Wednesday, October 9, in response to reports of cruelty to an animal. An adult female dog and three puppies were seized and transported to Tufts Veterinary Emergency Treatment & Specialties (VETS) in Walpole. According to Tufts, the adult female appears to be physically uninjured although radiology reports are pending, and the puppies also appear to be physically uninjured.

It’s a shame that it took a massive public outcry, coupled with a determined woman who Tiananmen Squared the criminal’s house in order for him to be charged with a crime. And just when you thought the New Bedford Police couldn’t possibly look more incompetent they blamed the person who filmed the beating.

New Bedford Police urge residents to contact 9-1-1 the event of any emergency, including animal cruelty as it is happening. While recording a video can certainly help provide valuable evidence to the police, calling 9-1-1 during a suspected crime as soon as possible is the best way to ensure police are able to respond and to ensure public safety.

I am so disgusted with the way the NBPD has handled this. If it wasn’t recorded on video he never would’ve been charged with a crime. The NBPD ignored 911 calls for hours, and only finally responded when the criminal himself called the police about the woman who was blocking his driveway.

It gets worse. We received a message today from a woman who has claims that Miguel Martinez has actually done worse things than beat a dog and sell heroin.

I would like to give u some more info on that monster. He also was arrested in 2000 in NYC for 2nd degree manslaughter on a 9 month old baby girl, but only did 10 years in jail. He beats all his girlfriends and is ordered not to be around children, but his dumb girlfriend Jennifer that he lives with has 3 children and knows of his prior convictions. He also has 2 children he cant be around and doesn’t see! After being released from jail in 2010 he then was arrested in New Bedford for being fugitive of justice at 5 AM one day in June 2011. I only know this info because sadly to say I was 8 months pregnant by this scumbag when I found out about his ugly past. 

It’s a pretty serious allegation, but a man matching his age and name was in fact arrested for this crime in 2000 in New York. It was written about in the New York Post and the New York Times, although they give slightly different accounts of the story. The Times reports that he initially claimed the baby fell out of bed and brought the baby to a hospital, while the Post reports that he claimed the baby was choking and paramedics came to his apartment.

Both reports state that he was arrested for shaking the baby and initially charged with second degree murder. The Post also reports that he had multiple charges prior to 2000, including one for rape.

Cops said Martinez has a record of three arrests, including one on rape charges in 1998 and a marijuana bust last May.

And where is DCF in all of this? His girlfriend Jennifer Nuñez-Raldiris allows this man, who has literally been arrested for killing an infant, to be around her children. Apparently they’re too busy investigating how long the hockey coach in Andover went without buying his players Panera Bread.

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Yes, you are indeed “that girl.” The girl who allowed a monster to move in with her children, because you selfishly put your own desires over the well being of your kids and pets.

This is an inexcusable systematic failure that is sadly all too common in Massachusetts. A baby killing rapist moved to New Bedford, got arrested multiple times for selling fentanyl, moved in with a woman and her children, got caught on film beating a dog mercilessly, and it took a public shaming campaign from a woman on Facebook Live to force the New Bedford Police to get off their butts and do something about it.


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