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Mike Giammetti “Takes The Initiative To Be Homeless” After DCF Forces Him Out Of Son’s Life Due To Phone Calls From Turtle Riders


Earlier in the week we urged turtle riders to contact Hyde Park DCF after toothless heroin dealer Michael Giannetti broadcasted himself screaming and swearing on the Live show with his baby (who was born addicted to drugs) in a nearby room, lying on a mattress on the floor. Watch here.

We don’t just shame people like Mike Giannetti for the entertainment factor, as entertaining as he may be. We do it so that people will mobilize and petition government agencies to fix the problem we’re highlighting, and that’s exactly what you all did according to Giannetti, who posted last night that DCF is making him stay away from his son. I attempted to read his various postings out loud and make sense of them last night on the live show starting at the 43:30 mark. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, because I’m sure we’ll be talking to him tomorrow night, along with more of his female victims who want to come forward with what he did to them.

Let’s check out his posts.

Sausage = sauces = sources. Turtleboy has no sahhhhsiz.

“I will continue to keep supporting my son while they go and follow the rules of DCF.”

Translation – DCF told her that if I am seen anywhere around this child they will confiscate him permanently. Ironically this is probably the best case scenario for the child.

He accused me of editing the video that got him in trouble, which was an hour long live stream of him screaming and swearing at me.

He thanks Dedham webcam Mom Sarah Burke for being one of the only ones who stood up for him.

So he’s in good company.

He insists he won the rap battle.

Even though the live chat was overcome with poop emojis during his abortion of a performance.

He then switched it up and pretended to be his friend who he asked to run his social media, but sounded exactly like Giannetti. The friend complimented Giannetti for putting his son first by removing himself from the child’s life (not by choice), said that he was only a “drug attic,” who was “Ghana (gonna) spons in Giannetti winery,” and accused Turtleboy (clearance) of collaborating with BPD to have him arrested, along with muting his microphone during the freestyle.

Normal things a human being would post on social media if they were serious about getting their child from the DCF fairy.

Giannetti’s “friend” wished him well, said that Turtleboy is in love with him, and vowed to come back stronger once Mike got “soba.”

Mike’s “friend” also speaks exclusively in sentagraph form and happens to sound a lot like him.


I don’t know what any of that means but it sounds important.

Apparently Mike called the friend who was posting on his account to let him know that Mike has a bombshell to release and also found Jesus.

He got his “fax” straight.

His friend also pointed out that Mike and Cardi B both had no teeth at one point, so clearly he’s on the path to stardom too.

Out of nowhere Mike took back control of his account from his “friend” and accused TB of second degree murder if he kills himself because he’s mentally ill with COVID like Vietnam vets.

I think I got COVID and PTSD from reading that.

As a commenter pointed out Mike previously had a “DCF stole my kid” GoFundMe.

TL;DR – he raised $200, pocketed the cash, and said Facebook stole the money.

Mike also “took the initiative to go and be homeless.”

Which might be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read on the Internet.

I couldn’t even begin to interpret this one.

Luckily someone came through with the Giannetti to English translation.

I laughed way too hard at this comment.

This was probably the most accurate comment on that post.

Finally he “exposed” me by publishing a screenshot of our messages, which I previously published in the first blog about him.

Giannetti to English translation:


Anyway, I hope the Meth Mongoose takes this time to get clean and focus on being a Dad, but I think we all know that’s not going to happen. What’s really in the kid’s best interest is for Mike to continue to go full Kate Peter until DCF adopts the kid out for good. In the meantime if Mike can’t get clean it would be great if he would at least clean his fingernails.

Just sayin.


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