Mike Giannetti Accidentally Live Streams Himself Smoking Crack In McDonald’s Drive Through, Buying Cigarettes With Food Stamps, Getting Emasculated By Baby Mama


Infamous Boston drug dealer Michael Giannetti, who once admitted to raping a woman on a Facebook Live video and lost custody of his son as a result of our reporting, is still live streaming his daily routines.

However, he was apparently unaware that he was live streaming in a recent video in which he is seen smoking crack in a drive through line with the mother of his non-custodial son, who berated him for potentially screwing up an upcoming drug test:



Katelyn: “You know I can’t get a dirty urine. What is wrong with you that I could get a dirty urine and lose our son? I’m gonna end up leaving with the baby! You’re the reason why I have to go work and be miserable for 11 hours.”

MG: “You spent all my f***ing money!!”

Katelyn: “I spent all your money, yup.”

MG: “You spent all my school money!”

Katelyn: “You spent all MY school money!! I’ve been doing my job, I put a roof over his head!”

MG: “No you don’t, your Dad does, I shouldn’t have to work an 11 hour day

LOL. She spent all Giannetti’s school money! Now he’ll never be a marine biologist!

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Katelyn might be his latest grooming victim, as the former teenager daughter of the last junkie he was in a relationship with, but she roasted him pretty good there.

She’s not wrong Mike – you don’t provide anything for your kid except embarrassment. You’re in your mid 40’s and you live with your Dad. You have no job and spend all your baby momma’s money on crack. I knew she was wearing the pants in that relationship ever since she made him try to get a harassment order against me, repeatedly attempted to speak for him at the hearing, and had to be told to sit down by the judge at the 15 minute mark.

The video above was part of a much longer 35 minute Facebook stream, and listening to it you actually realize that Katelyn might be the first girlfriend Giannetti doesn’t get to kill, because she’s clearly wearing the pants in their relationship.



Tonight on the Live Show at 9 PM we’ll be listening to a lot of that, so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. But apparently they see their kid for an hour a day, wake it up at 10:30 to eat chicken nuggets covered in crack residue, she knows how to get people’s garage codes on her door dash route, they use EBT fraud to buy daily $15 cigarette packs, she’s a little bit racist, he’s frightened of her, and they’re both into fentanyl. There also may or may not be a newborn puppy in the backseat of that uninsured trash covered vehicle. Someone really needs to show this to DCF so I can finally adopt MY son and allow it to choose its gender.




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