Mike Giannetti Held A Knife To His Own Throat And Pretended That I Coerced A False ISIS-Style Confession Out Of Him On Video In Order To Get A Restraining Order Against Me In Court


Last week during my restraining order hearing with Mike Giannetti he claimed that I had sent people after him, including one person who put a knife to his throat and forced a false confession out of him. I didn’t notice it during the hearing, but you can hear the exchange between him and Attorney Randazza starting around the 13:30 mark.

Randazza: Did you post a video in which you said, “one day he’ll get capped in the back of the head on the way to his house?”

Giannetti: “I said in a rap song, why don’t you say the ones that I would never do it? I can rap, it’s freedom of speech as long as I don’t hurt him or touch him. Everything he says he has people come down here and assault me, a knife to my throat. I have that tape too.”

I had no idea what he was talking about, and figured it was just the usual nonsensical rambling from him. The more amusing part to me was that he believed that death threats were permissible, so long as they were in rap form.

But on the live show the other night I was alerted to a video in which the infamous Hyde Park Meth Mongoose either put a knife to his own throat, or had his baby momma Kaitlynn Schmoker do it, and pretended to give a forced ISIS-style confession that he was a murdering rapist. I had never seen this video before, but it’s amazing. He winks multiple times, as if to tell the viewer that this confession is being forced at knifepoint and that everything he’s saying is under durress. He also looks backwards to make the viewer believe there is someone behind him, sent by Turtleboy, forcing this confession at knifepoint.

“Yes, I committed multiple felonies. Murder, rape. Turtleboy was right about everything, I killed all those people. Police can come get me. Sorry for all the families. I’m a drug dealer. And I’m very sorry.”

Notice the knife at his throat, the multiple winks, and the eyes moving to his left, indicating that the person holding the knife is behind him.

Ten years ago I was teaching United States history to 11th graders and coaching track after school. Now I’m defending the First Amendment in Boston courthouses from tyrannical judges like Catherine Ham and rapist heroin dealers like Mike Giannetti, who stage their own bootleg ISIS videos in an attempt to silence my speech. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. The crazy part is that Giannetti actually attempted to submit this as evidence in court in order to get the judge to grant him a restraining order against me so that I would stop exposing him for being a serial predator. Unfortunately for him it failed, and I may or may not have a special guest from his past who will be joining me on the live show tomorrow night to discuss how he groomed her teenage daughter and got her addicted to heroin before impregnating her. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in at 9 PM every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night.


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