Milford Assistant Director Of Public Health Lisa Tamagni Allows Women’s Shelter To Remain Open Despite Finding Animal Feces And Mold In Unlivable Conditions


Two years ago I published an 8 part blog series on a Milford woman named Hadassah Robeson, who was running a shelter for women with children and pets and forcing them to pay her money while they lived in inhumane conditions. She made a special needs woman use her social security to pay her $800 rent every month, sold donated goods online, used donated money to subsidize two failing businesses in town, and much more. In an attempt to silence my reporting Hadassah tried and failed three times to obtain orders against me in court, and attempted to have me charged with wiretapping by filing a criminal complaint in Uxbridge. However, the Milford Board of Health has done nothing to prevent her from doing this, and the women there continue to live in deplorable conditions.

In October of last year Hadassah was forced out of her 18 Cedar Street home (next to the shelter at 16 Cedar Street) due to mold and hazardous conditions, and she went to live in a hotel in Milford. One of her residents named Lynda Andino, who in fairness we have blogged about before due to extreme ratchet behavior, took the opportunity to call the water company, fire department, and health department to get any type of help at all to get the place on their radar. Here is a video she shot showing the Milford Police and Board of Health at Hadassah’s Gan Rivkah Center, investigating complaints of animal feces and mold.

“Upstairs isn’t good to breathe that all day long. I’m gonna get ahold of Hadassah about cleaning that because there’s cat urine and that can be bad for your respiratory and that’s where the odor is coming from. You guys shouldn’t be breathing that, it’s just not healthy.”

“That’s definitely not a healthy living condition. And all around this yard is not good either.”

The woman saying those things is Milford’s Assistant Director of Public Health Lisa Tamagni.

The Board of Health is well aware of the condition of this fraudulent boarding house that preys on vulnerable women, as are the Milford Police. But instead of doing something about it they are choosing to not only protect Hadassah Robeson, but have also pressed charges against a whistle blower who sent us audio of Hadassah admitting to being aware of these conditions. This was the case she attempted to have me criminally charged in. Why is Lisa Tamagni protecting Hadassah Robeson and allowing these women to live under these conditions she herself said were unlivable?

Since that day nothing has changed. The following images showing mold, missing ceiling panels, dirt, soiled mattresses, bird cages blocking exits, dead mice on the kitchen floor, piles of donated goods, rusty boats, animal feces, a shed stuffed with goods, chickens, and rabbits, and overflowing litter boxes from Hadassah’s pets, were taken after the Board of Health came and nothing changed.

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The police also said they saw animal puke on the couch and an overflowing litter box.

“The litter box is overflowing, but I’ve seen worse. There’s animal vomit on the couch.”

He’s seen worse. That’s basically why Hadassah is allowed to continue to operate this hazardous death trap of a rooming home.




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