Milford Mommy Photographer Shows Up At Former Client’s House To Fight Her After Not Being Credited On Facebook Post, Ends Up Getting Beaten Badly


This is Caeli Thibault, the owner of CGT Photography in Milford, NH.

Years ago a New Ipswitch woman named Katrina Amadon hired her to take some pictures of her family, and six months ago Katrina started her own photography business called Katss Photos. On her business account Katrina posted pictures she took off a computer screen of images of her children that she paid Amadon to take years ago. She put the disclaimer “photos taken by someone else” in the post.

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I don’t know the etiquette or the law when it comes to this sort of copyright, but I know that photographers are understandably vigilant to protect their intellectual property. I’m just not sure how that applies when you pay a photographer for photos, because it seems like you should own them at that point. Either way, Katrina made it clear in her post that she didn’t take the pictures.

This did not sit well with Ceila, who responded by posting a negative and extremely catty review on Katrina’s business page.

I do love when these bored housewives open up photography businesses, and then look down on other bored housewives who do the same.¬†She doesn’t even use professional editing software!

This wasn’t enough for Caeli who apparently monitors Katrina’s page and left a comment telling Katrina to make sure she credited Ceila’s work. She didn’t get the response she was hoping for.

After that Caeli accused Katrina of copyright infringement and said that she had a rude awakening coming.

Again, I’m not sure of the legality of how this works, nor do I have time learn about photography copyright beef or care about it in the least. All I know is, if Katrina violated copyright law then the appropriate thing to do is to take her to court and let a judge decide. But Caeli went a different route, messaging Katrina’s husband and threatening to show up at their house to “give that dumb bitch a new face.”

Keep in mind, both women involved in this are mothers of young children.

Call me old fashioned, but I think there comes a time in life when you have to move on from the “smack a ho” conflict resolution part of your life, and that time is the moment another human being starts calling you Mom. But Caeli took a different route and actually “pulled up,” as the kids say these days.


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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause and the news you love.

Copyright beef is real out in the mean streets of New Ipswich.

Katrina didn’t agree to meet up with this unhinged woman in town square to settle their differences, so Caeli came to her house. This turned out to be a HUGE mistake on her part.

Siri – what does fuck around, find out look like?

I can’t stop laughing at the fact that this woman started all of this over not being mentioned in a Facebook post, drove across several towns to the middle of nowhere to kick this woman’s ass, then got beaten and humiliated in one of the most one-sided chick fight videos of all time.

Some will say that she got “jumped,” but that’s not what happened here. Like Katrina said whilst pummeling blows down upon her face, Copyright Karen hit the guy first, knowing he couldn’t hit back.

He grabbed her hoodie in self defense to keep her at bay, and his woman instinctively jumped on Copyright Karen. Gravity did the work from there.

If anything he tried to break up the fight.

But both parties clearly wanted it to continue. Rwanda Rousey even gave her the chance to hit back or tap out of the fight whenever she wanted.

Rwanda Rousey: “Hit me f***ing once!”

Rwanda Rousey: “Are you done? I’ll f***ing get ya.”

Copyright Karen: “Get f***ed.”

Copyright Karen made herself out to be some sort of World Star bad ass, so getting knocked down is just the start of the fight. If she was really about that life she could’ve flipped Rwanda Rousey over, got her licks in, and started to dog walk a ho. But the problem is, she is not in fact about that life. She’s about this life.

So she lay on the ground like a retarded antelope with a broken leg looking up at a starving hyena and accepted the beating she signed up for.

As you can see, Copyright Karen was actively grabbing her bra, and kept trying to hit her despite having the option to tap out. Therefore it’s perfectly justifiable that the other girl put her foot on her arm in order to end the resistance.

It would be one thing if she pinned her arms down so she was defenseless while being beaten. But pinning her arms down ended the fight, which obviously wasn’t going well for Copyright Karen. She did her a favor.

In case you were inclined to feel bad for Copyright Karen, just remember that this was her running her mouth minutes beforehand.

“Gonna run your mouth for days but won’t come out to play.”

Oh, she came out to play. Didn’t seem like you enjoyed the game as much as she did though.

After talking such a big game and embarrassing herself like that you would think that Ceila would bow her head in shame and go back to pretending to be some sort of normal suburban mom, and not the trailer park trashbag that she really is at her core. But days later Copyright Karen messaged Rwanda Rousey AGAIN challenging her to a fight.

Just take the L and move on girl.

Anyway, Ceila’s business model seems to revolve around her taking wholesome family pictures for clients. If she actually cares about her business then she should worry a lot less about Facebook copyright, and a lot more about the image she portrays both professionally and personally when she challenges former clients to fights, travels to their home, and gets the crap kicked out of her in hilarious fashion.


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