Millbury Firefighter Resigns After FB Post Calling For Return Of KKK, Calling Black People Racial Slurs, Telling Them To Go Back To Africa


Markus Dagle was a Millbury firefighter until yesterday.


I say “was,” because he wisely decided to share his thoughts on Facebook regarding current events and cultural issues, and it quickly took a turn for the ratchet.

Yikes! “Bring back the KKK” sure is a bold statement to make in 2020 when you’re a public servant. Almost as bold as the follow up question, “so do you not like colored people?” from Rita.

Just to be clear, Markus the Millbury firefighter likes “colored” people, just not the cry baby ones.

But he wasn’t done destroying his reputation just yet.

The thing about telling black people to pack their bags and go back to Africa is that many of their ancestors didn’t have the choice to come here in the first place. Their history is our history, and that includes slavery and Jim Crow. We don’t get to just pretend none of that happened and focus on the glories of the War of 1812.

I’m almost more offended that anyone this stupid could ever get on any fire department. Aside from the obvious racist commentary in which he calls black people “theses monkeys,” the fact that people’s lives are in the hands of a man who can’t spell or write complete sentences is also bothersome.

“This BLM bs are taken away our history”

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“This A Holes don’t know nothing about history”

“BLM are only a group or 15 minutes of fame”

“I will back them throw and throw”

“make there own history to replace what our history did to our country or or state”

I’ve read that last quote 5 times and I’m still no closer to understanding what any of it means. This man somehow made it through an interview and presumably at some point he filled out an application, and MFD decided that he was a suitable candidate.


Then again, we’re talking about a grown man who’s still into wrestling, and whose entire Twitter account is dedicated to tweeting about who won a choreographed gymnastics script.

MFD initially told people that he was suspended and sent to sensitivity training, which seems like a misguided way to handle a situation like this, given the current social and political climate.

“Unless he can prove to us he understands the real issues at hand.”

I’m amazed that a Fire Chief would be this naive to actually put that in writing. How does Markus Dagle “prove” that he understands that a KKK revival, calling black people monkeys, and telling them to go back to Africa, are problematic things to say? By telling them that he gets it now? Sensitivity training is pointless because people who harbor actual racism in their souls will not learn from it, and those who don’t are told that they’re racist for things they had nothing to do with.

Firing this guy is the easiest PR layup you’ll ever have. There’s no gray area here. This isn’t some right wing talking point that liberals were using the race card on. It’s just blatant, in your face racism, so they finally gave in.

But of course that wasn’t good enough for the mob either.


However, he did have one person in his corner.

“My name’s not Karen, that is just the most ridiculous comment.”

Good Lord. Someone get this poor boomer off of the interwebz. This is abuse.

Anyone who thinks that you can just write anything you want on social media and face no repercussions for it is someone who has no idea how the world works.

Another Millbury firefighter did shed some light on the issue.

It’s ridiculous to paint an entire department as racist because of the actions of one guy, especially since this guy was only there for a month. I also had no idea Millbury was an on call department, which would seem to make it a lot easier to fire this moron, which begs the question – why would they tell people he was going to sensitivity training?

Anyway, according to Rita he’s apparently moving back to Maine to try to get on a fire department there.

Unfortunately for him the Internet is forever.


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