Poor Behavior

Millbury Man Caught On Home Security Footage Choking And Beating His Girlfriend’s Sister’s 8 Pound Dogs While Housesitting 


This is Michael Muller from Millbury.

Mike has a girlfriend agreed to house sit for his girlfriend’s sister when she went away on vacation in late January, and watch over her two 8 pound dogs, one of which is 14 years old. Unbeknownst to him the house is filled with cameras, and he got caught in the act beating and choking the dogs every time his girlfriend left the living room.

The tape says it all really. He repeatedly picked the dogs up by the neck and smacked them in the face.

Gave one of the dogs the full Wayne Brady treatment by choking it out as its legs dangled in the air, desperate for breath.

He smacked them any time they thought they got away from him.

And even flicked one of them repeatedly in the face with his finger.

Just to be cruel.

What else is there to say? This animal is sadistic. No normal person sees an 8 pound dog and thinks, “I’d like to torture that thing just for the hell of it.” He apparently seems to think he did nothing wrong too, and isn’t the least bit worried about being arrested or charged. Anyone who treats animals like this will treat a human like this. It always starts with animals. Always.

A lot of people have blamed the girlfriend because she’s seen the tape and is still with him due to the fact that she “sees the best in people.” But I got bad news for you girl – you’re next. It’s noble that you’d wanna see the good in people, but some people are just plain evil. And if you continue to stand by this guy, not only are you complicit, he’s eventually going to do it to you.

Let’s hope the Millbury Police see this and arrest him for animal cruelty. In the meantime the next best thing we can do is make him TB famous.


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