Millbury Man Vows To Call Police On “Anyone And Everyone” To Pay $300 Fine For Not Wearing Masks, Tips Off Controversial Cop On Where To Find Violaters


Our inboxes are flooded with stories about people who are using the lockdown to harass and bother otherwise law abiding individuals. If and when this all ends and goes back to normal I want people to remember who the the people were that turned on them the moment a crisis began. One good part about the lockdown is it’s gotten people to show their true colors, and I intend on doing the public service of alerting everyone to who these people are, so that you can avoid associating with them when this is over.

This is Tony Greenwich from Millbury.

To say that he’s excited about the new mask law may be the understatement of the century. Someone recently posted about the edict from Governor Baker in a Millbury Facebook group.

That will teach those kids a lesson about (check notes) being free!!

Quarantony couldn’t possibly be more giddy about the prospect of police officers giving people on the verge of destitution $300 tickets for not wearing a pointless face cloth in public.

“I’ll be reporting anyone and everyone.”

Imagine waking up every day and being this terrible?

He wears his mask all day long, therefore you should be required to as well. And if you call him a snitch he will report you to the local Gestapo for threats too.

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“On file.”

He’s keeping files on fellow town residents. This is a perfectly healthy culture we’ve cultivated here. Obey the law or pay the price.

He also tipped police off to where they could find law abiding parents to harass and extort money from.

Woolie World is a playground you can see while driving on 146. Imagine just how miserable you must be inside to see children having fun on a playground on a beautiful spring day, and the first thing you think is, “I’m going to report them to the police in order to tax them for being free.”

Dan Daly seems to agree that the playground should be closed and isn’t happy with the town manager for not doing so. If that name rings a bell it’s because he’s a Millbury police officer, and somewhat of a notorious one at that, who was featured on TB four years ago.

I trust the institution of the police, but I don’t trust this man. I’ve gotten more complaints and story ideas about him over the years than any singular cop. Four years ago his wife Maria reported that someone had spray painted BLM on their house and robbed them while they were sleeping.

Noted soothsayer and visionary Bret Killoran had his doubts from the beginning.


After initially doing a story on it Maria Daly messaged TB on Facebook and urged us to write a followup on the police chief, who she believed was not taking it seriously enough.


As it turned out the chief was skeptical because the whole thing was an inside job.

“A reported break-in and vandalism at the West Main Street home of a Millbury police officer has been traced to the police officer’s wife. Police Chief Donald P. Desorcy, at a news conference this afternoon, said there was no intruder in the house of Officer Daniel Daly, as originally thought. Instead, the chief said, the officer’s wife, Maria Daly, concocted a story about a break-in, apparently because of financial problems. Officer Daly was not involved in the hoax, according to the chief.”

If Dan Daly had admitted that he did it then he’d be fired and the family would lose his pension. Conveniently then his wife took the fall for it. The Millbury Police investigated themselves and shockingly reached the conclusion that Dan Daly dindu nuffin and it was all the wife’s fault. She got a slap on the wrist and life went on. But I’ve spoken with sources from within in the Millbury PD and they not only think he did it, they say it with a certain authority.

Just understand that if you think you’re going to get away with being free in Millbury starting on Wednesday, and you are in for a rude awakening if you run into Tony Greenwich or Officer Dindu Nuffin.


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