Millbury Mother Who Lost 3 Children To DCF After Drunken Crash In Webster Starts Petition To Regain Custody, Alleges Child Trafficking Conspiracy 


Stephanie Mcardle of Millbury and Carmelo Rivera of Worcester are a perpetually “engaged” couple from the 508.

Despite being the last people in the world who should ever consider sexual reproduction, they went ahead and decided to harvest a growing litter of offspring. Unfortunately the DCF fairy confiscated all of them so this snatch hog started up a petition that all the DCF Moms signed, which she believes will compel the state to return all three raw dog participation trophies to her.

Allow me to translate for those who don’t speak Ratchetese:

  • She had a 51A filed against her but dindu nuffin wrong and was the victim of lazy DCF workers
  • The DCF workers “go against her” because they say they were there to help but ended up taking the kids
  • The DCF workers lied to the judge by twisting words and making her sound awful, which clearly she is not
  • She lost one baby at 2 days old, which almost definitely means the child was born addicted to drugs
  • DCF told her that she needed to break up with Porridge Pedro in order to get the kids back, but she chose him instead because he’s a “good man,” and despite flagrantly ignoring what they told her to do she can’t understand why she doesn’t have the Irish triplets back
  • It’s all a big DCF plot to sell her kids to child traffickers
  • She has a “trail” in November that will determine if the kids will be permanently adopted out, and instead of speaking with an attorney she’s going the route instead
  • She hates the DCF worker (who I coincidentally graduated high school with), likely because the DCF worker told her a million times that she needed to do something to get the kids back and she ignored it because Diego’s new product couldn’t wait
  • She argues that her home wasn’t dirty (sure thing) nor were they starving to death (all the Cheese-Its they can eat!), nor is she on drugs (lol) “point blank period,” therefore she should get all three of them back

Does this look like the face of a woman who would ever dabble in drugs?


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As you can imagine, the DCF Mafia was out in full force, and not one of them blamed themselves for the fact that they couldn’t figure out a way to keep the state from taking their children.

Stephanie never explained what she did to lose the children in the first place, but a quick Google reveals that it was basic Webster stuff.

Police say a drunken woman crashed a car with a 3-year-old child inside and that a passenger of the car challenged officers to a fight. Webster police officers went to the Sunnyside Farms Convenience Store at 32 Lake St. on Wednesday night for a report of a fight. The officers discovered the fight was because of a car crash, police said. Carmelo Rivera, 28, of 14 Arnold Drive in Worcester, was a passenger in one of the cars that crashed and started talking with officers. Rivera displayed signs of intoxication, police said, and was trying to provoke another person in the crash and officers into fighting him.

“Rivera continued to act in a loud and aggressive manner, and after being asked to calm down numerous times, challenged other officers to a fight and when they attempted to take him into custody, he fought with them, eventually being struck with a TASER,” police said.

The driver was identified as Stephanie Mcardle, 35, of 9 Rogers St. in Millbury. Mcardle failed field sobriety tests, police said, and blew a 0.15 on a Breathalyzer test. Police discovered a 3-year-old was in the car during the crash and filed a report with the Department of Children and Families. It was not clear if the child was a boy or girl and if the child was related to Mcardle or Rivera. Rivera is charged with disorderly conduct; disturbing the peace; resisting arrest; three counts of assault and battery on a police officer; two counts of wanton destruction of property; and being a fugitive from justice. Police said Rivera was wanted on a warrant out of Connecticut. He was held with no bail and will be arraigned Thursday in Dudley District Court.

Sometimes responsible parents crash into other cars while two times over the legal limit with a toddler on board, then get out of the car to fight the people they crashed into before trying to assault the police officers who showed up to take them to jail because he had outstanding warrants and she drove drunk.

Besides that they’re great parents though. Say what you want about her, just don’t ever call her a deadbeat Mom.

Sure, her kids barely know her and she’s lost all of them to the state, but deadbeats are people who choose not to raise their children, not people who are forcibly separated from their children against their will by DCF. She actually wants to raise them, she’d just prefer Carmelo’s pipe instead.

Look at the bright side though – his boys can still swim, she’s still fertile, and even though the first three kids are probably gone down the Kate Peter expressway for good, at least they can keep making new ones.

Notice that one of the people who commented on how happy she was for them was a woman named Heather Collazo. NSTB named her Brass Junkie when she blogged about her a while back after she lied about having a sick son in order to obtain free furniture on a yard sale page, and once got arrested for assaulting an elderly man on a bike.

If you hang around ratchets too much you start to stink like them. That’s just science.


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