Millbury Teacher Terminated After Text Messages Reveal Inappropriate Relationship With 15 Year Old Student


This is Megan Smith, a first full year instructional assistant at Millbury Junior-Senior High School.

She’s been terminated after her bizarre relationship with a 15 year old student was blown up when the kid started sending around this text message from her.

This is why you can’t trust any adult who uses Snapchat.

She’s talking about his friends when she says “them.” This 28 year old married mother, whose life goal it was to become the cool girl in school, was apparently buddy-buddy with the students and loved the attention she got from it.

“They told me that you straight up told them that you don’t give a fuck about me or whatever happens to me.”

Probably because he’s 15 and you’re a faculty member.

“So, like what was I supposed to do with that?”

Probably just move on with your life and go home to your husband and kid because you’re an adult.

“You literally removed and blocked me from everything.”

Almost as if he’s a 15 year old and thinks it’s weird that you want to be his creepy sugar momma.

“So you were the one who wasn’t serious?”

He’s 15. He’s not supposed to be serious. You are.

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“If anything, you broke my trust.”

Yea, maybe you as the adult were unwise to put your trust in a child.

“I was fucking heart broken over ya brah.”

Be more cringe. You can’t.

“But can you delete these.”

Guess not.

This isn’t the first scandal of this sorts at Millbury. If you read my book (below) I wrote about how Millbury swept an instructional aid having sex with a student under the rug before I coached there briefly in 2007. This enabled him to get a job teaching English with me at Shepherd Hill, where he used all his sick days by February, came to school drunk one day, and ended up fighting a student in class. Administration covered it up as a teacher taking a re-enactment of Animal Farm too far, and never mentioned the fact that he was plastered and banged a student at Millbury. He never would’ve been hired in the first place if Millbury hadn’t covered it up.

It’s unclear if they ever had a sexual relationship, but the texts themselves are inappropriate and grounds for termination. Any teacher who gets into the profession to try to impress or be friends with kids is someone who is in the wrong line of work. The kids might pretend to think you’re cool, but at their core they’re really just laughing at you. Kids respect adults who are fair, fun, and still exude authority.

But if she actually banged him she should be arrested and treated the same way a male teacher would be if they had sex with a 15 year old female student. I realize that won’t happen since teachers like Shepherd Hill’s Amber Jennings bang kids and walk away with slaps on the wrist, but when I’m in charge we will finally have gender equality.


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