Poor Behavior

Millbury Woman Who Uses Her Kids As Bait For Free Cans Wants Strangers To Pay For Christmas Gifts Because Her Sex Offender Husband Sprained His Ankle


Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s never too early to get started on the Facebook Christmas begging. This is Bonnie Cormier and her husband Derek from Millbury.

Her kids have aged out of the Toys for Tots program, which means she’s gonna have to pay for her own gifts this year, which is problematic because that requires working full time and being a responsible adult. Her husband would work, but he has a sprained ankle, rendering him completely useless. Unlike everyone else, she has to pay for rent and groceries, so she asked people in a Millbury Facebook group to pay for her kid’s Christmas gifts.

What she forgot to mention is that her husband who can’t work because he has a sprained ankle is also a registered sex offender who was convicted of raping a child with force, and indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or over.

Never would’ve pegged Chris Chomo here is a diddler.

It’s always the ones you least suspect.

The child rape charge actually came about while he was also being charged with sexual assault against an 18 year old, in a case in which he was convicted and sentenced to 2-5 years in jail in 2007. Naturally Bonnie decided to start a family with this man, and as you can see things are going quite well.

Bonnie doesn’t limit her online begging just to the holidays though. She’s pretty much looking for handouts all year long in various community Facebook groups.

But what she really wants more than anything are cans for you to donate “to her kids,” because they apparently like to collect other people’s trash in order earn their own money.

Except earning their own money would mean they go out and get the cans, instead of asking for other people to do that for her. The Millbury Handout Hippo’s kids are ALWAYS looking for cans, but they also need free lunch boxes, coffee tables, and kayaks.

A kayak full of empty cans would really come in handy right about now. So would a private investigator, which apparently is something she can afford on her salary of empty Budweiser cans.

Also, what happens if you don’t register or insure your car? Is that a big deal, or nah?

The bottom line is that children don’t collect empty cans for a hobby, which means the Handout Hippo is using the children she conceived with her unemployed, sex offending, kiddie diddling hubby, as props to acquire more cans for herself. At least the bums going through your trash have the initiative and discipline to go and find their own cans. The Handout Hippo expects you to do that for her, and then pay for her kid’s Christmas on top of that. Get a full time job and be a responsible adult Bonnie.


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