Millville Dad Raising $5K For Elementary School SPED Department With Charity Bike Ride Ending At School After Son Was Bullied Even Though They Removed Him Over Book Choice In October


This is Joseph Bressen from Milville.

He recently started a $5,000 GoFundMe and is hosting a charity bike ride at Millville Elementary School on June 18, where they will be picking his son up at school to show support because he’s been bullied due to his learning disability. The proceeds are going to the special ed department, according to Joseph.

Wait…..what? Raising money for the public schools? Isn’t that what….taxes pay for?

To confirm this I called Millville Elementary School to ask if the school was sanctioning a fundraiser for the SPED department by hosting a motorcycle ride finishing at an elementary school. The secretary informed that although Bressen had met with the principal, “we are collecting no donations.”

Earlier in the year the kid’s mother announced on Facebook that she was pulling him out of remote learning because she was listening in on his class and didn’t like the book they were reading.

The book she’s talking about is a popular fictional story with kids called Wish. It’s the story of an underprivileged girl who grew up in a bad home, was sent to live with her aunt in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains, and takes in a stray dog who she loves as her own. They pulled their son out of school to avoid reading this horrific book, not because he was bullied.

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I messaged Chris for comment because I had some questions.

Asking questions is negative, and this is a good thing he’s doing. So that settles that. No more questions.

I’m not saying this guy is lying, but traditionally fundraisers that benefit your local public school are done in collaboration with the school itself. The SPED Department’s budget comes from the School Committee, and if they’re dependent on a charity bike ride to provide services to kids this doesn’t sound like the kind of town you want to buy property in. Bullying is a popular buzzword you can get others to rally around, but form the looks of it he wasn’t pulled out of school for bullying, he was pulled out of school because Mom doesn’t understand how literature works.

Now a bunch of bikers are going to show up revving their engines at an elementary school as a show of force against the bullies that picked on this poor kid who was pulled out of school by his mother in October.

Makes sense.


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