Millville Police Chief Ronald Landry Detained, Nearly Tased After Assaulting Uxbridge Police Officer And Disturbing The Peace


Millville Police Chief Ronald Landry might be in some hot water after a recent run-in in Uxbridge.

According to a police report from January 15, Chief Landry was detained and nearly tasered after causing a disturbance and assaulting an Uxbridge Police Officer at the KarKart in Uxbridge. Chief Landry recently purchased a vintage car in Florida for $30,000 and paid to have it delivered to Massachusetts. It got dinged on the way and he was understandably dissatisfied with the service he paid for. However, instead of handling it through the proper channels he elected to create a disturbance necessitating the driver to call Uxbridge PD.

When Chief Landry refused to comply with basic requests from the officer to stop creating a scene and stay out of his personal space, the Chief hit his hand a way and had to be detained, but not before being threatened with a taser. He also attempted to use his position as the Chief of Police in a neighboring down to obtain favor, and demeaned and criticized the officer who sounds like he was very patient with him. His behavior got so bad that police were called in from Millville and neighboring North Smithfield, RI.


Credit to the officer for handling an incredibly awkward situation as best he could by attempting to use discretion while still holding Chief Landry accountable for his behavior. Although I would guess that if I hit an Uxbridge Police Officer’s hand and repeatedly refused to comply there would be some Google trophies in my future. But I guess when you’re the chief of police in a town with 3,000 people whose primary selling point is its proximity to Woonsocket, it can go to your head, and the law doesn’t apply to you.


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