Milton Woman, Daughter Of College President, Harasses Boston Police With Squeaky Pig During Violent Protest In Copley Square 


This is Caitriona O’Grady, a possible white nationalist from Milton.

She attended the Super Terrific Happy Circlejerk’s rally against democratic violence in Boston over the weekend, which I was invited to speak at. Unfortunately I really like spending time my kids and I’m just not willing to sacrifice an entire Sunday to play Good guys vs. Antifa. The usual idiots (Rod Webber, Lauren Pespisa) were there and di what they always do – prove the Trump supporter’s point for them by creating violence. The white people from Boxboro and Bedford harassed and stalked a black woman (Rayla Campbell) in particular, broke down police barricades, and drank blood from a heart while dancing around a burning American flag.

Normal stuff for a 47 year old man who lives with his mother in Needham. This is the alternative to Donald Trump in two weeks. Never forget that.

Caitriona was also at the protest and brought a squeaky pig which she used to harass, belittle, and demean Boston Police Officers for doing their job and existing. One of these cops got it really mad when he had the audacity to (gasp) lower his mask. Watch what she did.

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This is what police deal with every day. Their restraint is truly amazing. Best line that really set them off:

Protester: “He’s about to f***ing snap, aren’t you?”

Cop: “I’m married, I’m used to this.”

That REALLY set them off. There’s nothing these people hate more than humor, or when others try to reach them on a human level. Making a Dad joke about a nagging wife is sexist and NOT funny!

This guy was great too.

There’s nothing funnier than people pretending to care about masks. They’re standing nose to nose with people during a “pandemic,” knowing full well that the flimsy piece of cloth on their face isn’t going to stop them from getting an air born virus. They don’t care because they know it’s not a big deal if they get it. They just have to pretend that it is so they can feel morally superior by yelling at people for not wearing masks.

Caitriona was quite proud of what she accomplished on Sunday.

“Pull the f*** up to protest fascism with us.” – Person who shouts over and threatens anyone she disagrees with.

The ironic part is how the cops are allegedly racist now for dispersing a violent group of white people, but yet I don’t think I saw a single black person on her side. Just Rayla and a couple cops. ICheck out her IG and play a little game called “find someone who isn’t white in the sea of thousands of narcissistic, self serving images.” I counted 2. There’s no shortage of urban white liberal gentrification stuff going on though (wine and cheese, man buns on the fire escape, trips to vineyards etc), and she appears to be living alone in an expensive Beacon Hill apartment where she frequently has guests with man buns on her fire escape where they can discuss how they’re fighting climate change by not using plastic bags at Whole Foods.


Slay Guevera here could hang out with anyone she wants, but she seems to exclusively socialize with white people, which is interesting because this is the EXACT same thing a white nationalist would choose to do. Does it mean she is an ACTUAL Nazi? Not necessarily. But based on her behavior I fail to see evidence proving otherwise.

A quick look at her LinkedIn shows us why this 30 year old woman, who will likely die alone with her cats, is the poster child for elitist privilege. Let’s start with the fact that she let us know right away that she doesn’t have a penis.

So if you pleasured yourself before getting to this point in the blog you no longer need to take a cold shower.

She went to the very expensive Stonehill College, where she graduated in 2012 with the very useful major of French and Literature.

In fairness, this could come in handy when she inevitably decides to move to Montreal and work the day shift on Saint-Catherine Street.

Of course going to Stonehill College is a lot easier when your mother is the Senior Vice President there.

You can afford to go on trips to Morocco, where you can pretend to care about brown people for a semester or two before going back to your gentrified world in Boston.

Our mom has always sought to understand the lived experiences of others. For us, there is no clearer example of this than her decision to visit each of us during the transformative college semesters that we spent abroad. Her first trip brought her to Senegal to visit her eldest daughter. In Dakar, Mairéad’s host family referred to our mom as “Mommy Katie,” but also lovingly bestowed upon her the same Senegalese name as their matriarch, Coumba. Two years later, she booked a family trip to Morocco for Thanksgiving during Caitríona’s first semester there, where she surprised and delighted her daughter’s hosts and classmates with American-style pumpkin pies. (Mairéad couldn’t join because she was on a teaching fellowship in Thailand, but our mom took a multi-day flight across the world to see her six months later.) 

After graduating with a degree in French her options were limited, so she got an internship at Stonehill before becoming a French tutor.

After that she moved to New York to work for a left wing immigration non-profit, before traveling to China to teach English.

After that reality began to set in so she became a hairdresser, before finally settling in as a social worker.

I’m sure the apartment on Beacon Hill is covered by a social worker’s salary, and Mommy and Daddy aren’t helping out at all.

Her idol is AOC, since they’re basically the same person, and just like AOC she supplements her social worker salary as a bartender at the $15 a drink Yellow Door in in Lower Mills. It’s right on the border of Milton, as far away from actual Boston as you can get. But she gets to say she works in Dorchester, which gives her street cred with the man bun mafia. As you can tell by looking at pictures on Yellow Door’s Facebook page, types of drinks they make, and prices on their menu, they specifically cater to a white crowd. But she totally wants to fight racism, or something.

When you look at her resume – trust fund baby, Mom is in Academia, lives in liberal white bubble of Milton, useless degree, can’t get a real job, blames the system for her failures, pretends to care about the plight of black people while exclusively associating with white people, hates police, etc – I think we all know EXACTLY who she supported for President too. And it wasn’t Joe Biden.


Every. Single. Time.

The ironic part here is that the police officers she was antagonizing are blue collar workers trying to provide for their families. Many have to live in Boston and pay insane rent prices due to residency requirements. Meanwhile, the people harassing them are a bunch of spoiled overgrown children from Milton who don’t have to work or get real jobs because Mommy and Daddy’s basement is always available.


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