Missing East Providence Teen Posts On Facebook That She Ran Away From Abusive Transgender Father Who Is Attempting To Profit Off Of Her Disappearance


Sixteen year old Marissa St. Angelo was reported missing over the weekend by the East Providence Police and was last seen on August 9.


But there is more to this story. This is her father “Ashley” St. Angelo.

As you can see, he’s somewhere on the BLT-123 spectrum. Ashley used to go by Anthony St. Angelo, and owns a “business” called Anthony’s Auto Service, which is just him working on cars in the backyard.

In 2015 Anthony started an extremely shady fundraiser by using a baby.

That’s his granddaughter, and the daughter of his daughter who ran away from him when she was 17 due to allegations of abuse. According to her the story is filled with lies and the father inserted himself into it to try to profit off of an unrelated dispute between the baby’s parents. She alleges that he frequently was physically abusive to his now ex-wife, often uses his children to raise money for his sex change, and has run up bills using his ex wife’s social security number.

True to form, “Ashley” is once again using the “disappearance” of his daughter, who was not reported missing until three weeks later, to raise money for himself. And he’s alleging that she ran away with a sex offender without providing any evidence to back up that claim.

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What does he need money for exactly? The police are looking for her and it costs him literally nothing. Unsurprisingly he also started a fundraiser to cremate the dog in January.

Then yesterday Marissa posted on Facebook from the East Providence police station to let people know that she is OK, and that she ran away because her father abused her.

Her allegation is backed up by a couple witnesses. Her sister Holly started this Change.org petition and is alleging that she was also abused.

Her friend Alexis also claims that she helped Marissa escape after “Ashley” kept Marissa as a virtual prisoner and deprived her of food. Additionally she alleges that they Ashley and Marissa saw each other in court on August 20, which would mean he’s lying when he says he has not seen her since August 9.

All the details here are not known, but what is known is that Marissa claims she ran away from home because she was abused by her transgender father, who is now trying to profit off of her disappearance. This allegation is backed up by more than one person which makes it credible. We will keep you updated if there is more on this story.


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