Mob Attacks Marshfield Realtor After Brookline Art Teacher Smears Her As A Racist For Asking Her To Follow Rules At Open House


Robyn Thompson is a middle school art teacher in Brookline who claims to be a victim of racism after attending an open house in Marshfield.

Fox 25 NewsA Boston couple claims they were racially discriminated by a South Shore real estate agent during an open house event.

“I didn’t know what to think, I’ve never had anyone treat me like this before,” Robyn Thompson said.

Thompson told Boston 25 News about an incident that took place during a Marshfield open house last Friday.  Thompson recently learned that a house that once belonged to her family is back on the market. On Friday, Thompson, her husband Duong An, and their kids ages 6 and 3, stopped by the house on their way to a camping trip to see if she could get the house back into the family. But Thompson and her husband say real estate agent Kristen Dewey treated them poorly and things quickly went from bad to worse.

“From the first time we walked in, she was escalating things,” Duong An said.

The couple says things reached a breaking point when the agent who followed them through the house criticized them for being critical of a light fixture.

“You go into a store, they think you are about to steal something? I feel a little bit like that, she kept on following,” Duong An said.

Eventually, the couple said Dewey asked them to leave and she threatened to call the police. Thompson said she thinks that threat was racially motivated.

“I didn’t [think that] until she threatened to call the police,” Thompson said. “I couldn’t see her doing that to anybody else, that was not [my] complexion.”

Kristen Dewey issued a statement through her publicist that said in part:

“I’m disheartened by any accusation that I would discriminate, […] in my 15+ years of real estate experience, I’ve never had a single complaint – ever. Any implication of me being a racist is not true.”

In the Statement, Dewey denies she threatened to call the police and said it was the family who suggested it, but she did not. She said that, on the day of the open house, she was trying to keep things moving because of COVID-19 protocols. While Dewey admits she suggested she might call police, she did not. In fact, she says she would like to sit down with the couple and talk to them in person to apologize.

Thompson and her family feel so strongly about what happened, they were considering filing a civil rights violation complaint with the State Attorney General. The MA Attorney General’s office confirmed it received the complaint and is investigating. The Office said housing complaints usually are referred to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. If MCAD finds in favor of Robyn Thompson, under state law, a judgement could include damages, litigation cost, attorneys’ fees and potential civil penalties against the defendant, not to exceed $5,000.

Statement from Dewey:

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The residence was previously owned by the grandparents of Robyn Thompson (the Martin family), for which another Martin family member, who attended the open house the day prior, indicated was emotional for her. Due to COVID-19, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the homeowner, the agents, and the prospective buyers, we have instituted protocols on flow, amount of time in the house, and number of occupants during an open house. Following that protocol, I asked Robyn Thompson and Duong An not to linger and to follow the flow. In addition, I requested they not make loud negative comments about the current state of the home which could be heard by other prospective buyers. After I made these requests, the situation escalated, and I ultimately suggested that if they didn’t follow protocol that they would have to leave. At that point they, not I, suggested I call the cops, and I did not.

Having worked in this business for many years and understanding the emotional attachment to a home, I felt the need to call Duong An after the open house and apologize for how the situation ended and invited them to a private appointment so they could take their time viewing the property. He apologized for how the situation escalated as well. Any implication of me being a racist is not true. I am extending an invitation to Robyn and Duong to meet with me in person so that can I apologize for how the situation ended.

Translation – the realtor politely asked you not to do something, you did it anyway, told her to call the cops, and then called her what has quickly become a racial slur for white women because you didn’t like being told what to do.

A lot of people have messaged about this story and vouched for Kristen Dewey. Her brother is a Marshfield police officer and she has thin blue line symbols outside of her office, which makes her an obvious target. The mob has already sabotaged her Google reviews and won’t rest until she’s out of business at this point. Somehow this has become an acceptable form of discourse rather than waiting for facts or evidence to surface. Right now all that exists is a one-sided story. But in the current cultural climate we live in, the person screaming racism will always be believed by the mob.

For that reason my gut instinct is to always assume stories like this are either lies or grossly exaggerated, because they almost always are. Usually the person making the baseless claim of racism is attacking a white woman, calling her a “Karen,” and has a long and documented history of BLM activism on Facebook. This is exactly what Robyn’s timeline looks like, as it includes posts about getting paid reparations, bemoaning how hard she has it as an art teacher in Brookline, encouraging and celebrating cancel culture because some people don’t like lockdowns or rioting, telling people not to listen to influential black conservative women, complaining that she’s “not OK because a black man was killed by a rogue cop in Minneapolis, and and bemoaning white privilege.

It’s ironic because the fact that she is a black woman means that her privilege is that she will always be believed in situations like this. And unless Kristen Dewey can produce a video showing that this never happened it will be assumed that she is a racist, while the woman who didn’t follow the rules and is looking for a payday becomes the victim.

This poor oppressed woman whose husband is an attorney just can’t catch a break these days. Despite the fact that she’s been paid not to work for the last 5 months, her husband is an attorney, she claims to own multiple properties, and they have the cash to purchase an “investment property” in a well off south shore beach town, she’s still a victim.

Meanwhile Kristen Dewey, who appears to have done nothing wrong, has to deal with a ridiculous complaint to the MCAD which she’ll have to hire a lawyer for. Even worse – she’s being publicly smeared as a racist. And when that happens the mob comes after you.

Robyn with a Y is quite proud of herself.

And she suddenly knows that the real estate agent’s brother is a cop.

Which I’m sure totally isn’t influencing her behavior at all.

The people who do this are evil. They know damn well that there’s nothing more damaging to a person’s career than being labeled as a racist, and they know how to whip a mob into a frenzy to destroy people who have slighted them. They have no problem doing just that in their pursuit of victimhood. We’ll keep calling them out one by one though, because someone has to be a voice for the victims of these witch hunts.


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