Mob Descends On Burlington Salon Owner After Finding Out She Doesn’t Make Clients Wear Masks 


This is Alycia Aannichiarico, the owner of Studio 62 Inside Salons in Burlington, a small suite that consists of her and one client at a time.

This is Liz Arruda.

As you can see, she is some sort of unemployed hoola hoop freak, and she recently found out that Alycia does not require her clients to wear masks in her salon. Thus she decided to declare war on Alycia’s business with a Facebook post alleging that the salon owner was trying to spread COVID.

“I hope you get hit by a bus.”

God bless that woman. That’s really all that needs to be said to these people. They’re just that horrible.

When I go to the barber shop my barber doesn’t make me wear a mask because it’s just me and her. If she’s cool with it, I’m cool with it. If she wanted me to wear one I would. But it’s kind of like unprotected sex – sometimes it’s just worth the risk because it felt right in the moment.

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Keep in mind, this woman doesn’t live near her salon, doesn’t go to her to get her hair done, and doesn’t have any friends who do. She was just in the mood to do some Karening.

Her post was shared far and wide and elicited a lot of comments from the rona mob.

Stephanie LaPlante appears to be another one of those unemployed circus hoola hoop freaks.

And Dustin Carlson was organizing mass reporting campaigns to the Board of Health. Quite frankly I’d rather get coronavirus than wake up looking like this every day.

We get it dude – you hate your stepdad. But try not to take out your misery on other less horrible people.

The amount of people who were OK with all the protesting that’s still going on, but freak out because some woman in Burlington might not have her customers wear a mask never ceases to amaze me.

Jenna Davis is another one of these “performers” who refers to herself as “Rabbit rebel,” and was very upset that this stranger didn’t let her clients know that she doesn’t always wear a mask while out in public.

Someone may want to tell her that in the age of wokeness a basic Becky such as herself is no longer allowed to culturally appropriate by wearing her hair like this.

Very racist.

They weren’t all freak show rejects though. Jasmine Araujo looks perfectly normal.

But she is in fact a raging corona clam who is now harassing this woman’s daycare provider, and trying to destroy her ability to make a living because she doesn’t like the fact that Alycia’s clients have the choice on whether or not to wear a mask.


It just went on and on.

I can almost forgive it when it’s women doing this. Women by their nature are built to freak out over stupid things. They just can’t help it. But guys are supposed to be more laid back, and the coronabros were going at her even harder than the circus freaks. It started with George Redford.

Who is upset for obvious reasons that we don’t have to get into.

He posted this on Facebook that he would be calling out anyone who didn’t have a mask on their face because “it feels really fucking good” to be a bitch ass mother fucker.

Then again we’re talking about a guy who condones burning down police stations, shitting on Drew Brees for standing for the anthem, enjoys watching cops emasculate themselves, and thinks Ayanna Pressley is a good leader.


Nuff said.

Another Redford who works as a DJ said that he was doing his part to hurt this woman’s business because it’s unsafe to cut someone’s hair if one of them doesn’t have a mask on.

Marc Gedansky was all about the Karen life too.

Again, people like Marc are free to hide in their homes for eternity. He’d be doing the world a favor.

Here’s the thing though – none of these people knows that this woman doesn’t wear a mask at work. According to a client that had recently been there both she and Alycia wore masks and cleaned properly.

This is what it really came down to though.

Alycia appears to be a Trump supporter, and Jess Biondi looks and sounds like every cheesehog pink pussy hat resister ever.

Liz doesn’t see the correlation between the BLM nazis and the mask nazis.

But it’s the same exact people, which is what makes anything they say so hard to take seriously to begin with.

The bottom line is these people need to get called out. If you want to be a mask nazi then go right ahead. But when you start messing with someone’s livelihood because they don’t share your obsessive fear about a disease that has a 99.98% recovery rate, that’s when you deserve to be dragged.


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