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Mom Sends Online Mob After Hyannis Restaurant For “Deadnaming” BLT-123 Daughter Who Was Fired For Subpar Eggrolls


This is Bob Murphy, owner of the Portside Tavern in Hyannis.

Bob is well known for his philanthropy, and donates 40 pounds of chicken every fortnight to a homeless shelter for women in recovery from the opiate addiction that has plagued Cape Cod.

Every other week, a 40-pound box of fresh chicken arrives at Angel House, like clockwork. It’s delivered by Housing Assistance Board Member Ron Winner and donated by his friend Bob Murphy, owner of the Portside Tavern in Hyannis. 

“In life, there’s some people who need someone else to reach out to them and show them an act of kindness,” Murphy said of the tradition which began late last summer after Winner stopped into his restaurant for dinner. 

“We were sitting on the patio and Bob came out and sat down with us like he normally does,” Winner said. “We started talking about Angel House and he said, ‘How about I donate a case of chicken every other week?’ God bless him, he’s been good to his word ever since then.” 

Along with his biweekly donations, Murphy donated Thanksgiving dinner for the mothers and their children who live at the shelter. He recently did the same on Mother’s Day.

“We’ve had family struggle with addiction issues and we really empathize with that whole situation,” Murphy said of what Angel House clients are facing. 

And as a business owner who is committed to giving back, he was eager to do his part to help the families that Angel House serves. “We’ve always held the belief that to be a part of the community, you’ve got to reach out and help others,” he said. “We look at this as a community business and feel like this is a place where we can give back and support the community.”

Like many, he struggled to survive during the COVID lockdowns, but persevered anyway.

Portside also holds fundraisers for children with autism.

And a look at the people who have tagged them seems to show that they are a well liked and popular establishment.

But they’re now under attack by these two:

That’s Dawn Young and her “son” Holden. Although most of Holden’s life they called her Haley, because she came out of the womb with a vagina.

But somewhere along the line Haley decided that she wanted to have short hair and dress like Corey Matthews, which meant she was actually a boy.

So Haley took a bunch of hormones and started growing facial hair, and now calls herself a man.

Ironically Dawn seems to believe that not having a vagina means you’re a man.

But I guess biological reality only matters when you’re virtue signaling about girl power on Facebook.

Haley is an adult so she can do whatever she wants, dress how she pleases, and take all the hormones she can put in her body. She can even get a doctor to take some forearm and thigh tissue, staple it to her crotch and call it a penis. But at the end of the day you can’t change your biological sex, so she’s really just playing Frankenstein with her own body as people cheer her on for her bravery.

Nevertheless, it’s her body and her choice. The problem arises when you want to force your delusions on others, which Holden apparently did with Bob Murphy at Portside Tavern. According to a post made by her mother that has been shared hundreds of times, Bob is a huge transphobe because he allegedly fired her daughter, used the name that Dawn gave her at birth, and referred to her using biologically correct pronouns on a Zester.

Oh no! Muh pronouns, muh dead name, and muh zester!

She might’ve noticed that based on the handwriting the person who wrote that is almost definitely female, much like Holden. In reality her grown daughter was fired for incompetence, she’s likely leaving much out of this story, and you can’t compel speech from people just because you demand it. Here’s the text in question:

Oh look, she knows that Bob didn’t write the “dead name,” but she’s shaming him anyway. And he actually sounds pretty reasonable, while Holden sounds like an angry lab experiment that makes subpar egg rolls.

But the truth never mattered to an angry BLT-123 mob, and Portside Tavern began to get slammed with fraudulent negative reviews based on an unconfirmed anecdote from a jilted employee who wants to force other people to pretend that she’s something she’s not.

According to Holden it’s a hate crime and she needs a deformation attorney.

She seems like a reasonable person who didn’t cause lots of problems at work and ended up being fired for cause. Looks like all that hormone treatment has made her a lot happier and well-adjusted person.

Some tried to suggest that Bob was a good guy, and they even played along with the pronoun thing for Holden, but these people were quickly told to shut their filthy traps.

Yea, Bob is a bad person. Sure he does things that directly help the most vulnerable member of the community, but this circus freak read a Facebook post and has seen enough to judge his character:

If you look like a Halloween costume I’d use to scare my kids then it’s impossible to take anything you say seriously.

Someone tried to point out that Bob is a decent dude but they were of course reprimanded as well.

How dare you attempt to analyze a person’s complete body of work while drawing conclusions on their character! He allegedly deadnamed the chick who made shitty egg rolls! His life must officially be over.

Jenn Van Etta was gonna go to their upcoming fundraiser to benefit kids with autism, but she won’t be doing that now she’s heard about the dead naming.

What better way to show you’re the good guy than by refusing to help special needs children because you’re mad that a mentally unstable woman got fired from their job at a restaurant?

Also, don’t share pictures like this on Facebook Jenn. It’s creepy.

Garey with an e Robinson offered to call Bob himself and take care of him the manly way.

Hardo alert! We’re all very impressed by Garey. Nobody messes with you.


Rebecca Miller believes that Bob needs to lose his job, which will be difficult considering he owns the restaurant. But she’s down for some picketing anyway.

You are a grown woman with children who wears a door knocked on your nose.

Nothing you have to say really matters.

According to Hunter Hitchcock this was a hate crime, and calling someone by the name their mother gave them is very, very illegal.

Hunter would know – she’s a legal expert.

Turns out Holden did pursue that avenue and ended up wasting the Barnstable Police’s time with it.

People who set out to destroy businesses based solely on things they read on Facebook are bad enough, but when you combine them with transgender activists, who are the most deplorable people on the planet, they can do some real damage. But this is why we exist – to shame the shamers and remind the world that there are still some sane people out there.


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