Monica Cannon-Grant Claims She Paid For Doctor To Conduct Autopsy Last Week Of Mikayla Miller’s Body Despite Being Cremated Weeks Ago


Monica Cannon-Grant stated on May 7 that she used funds raised off the baseless conspiracy theory/lie Mikayla Miller was murdered by 5 white teens and children of Hopkinton Police Officers, in order to pay for an independent autopsy conducted by an unnamed doctor in an unnamed states.

According to her she and Tito Jackson called the funeral home and paid for Mikayla’s body to be transported to “an independent autopsy,” and that the doctor she spoke with said it would only take 2-3 hours to come back with the results. This doctor allegedly told her that the funeral home people could stick around for 2-3 hours in this unidentified state with this unidentified doctor, in order to save themselves a trip.

Monica fundraised off of this, even though she would not be able to transport a corpse across state lines. She promised to release the findings several times, but no such findings have been produced. This is because there was no “independent autopsy,” but if there was, and this handpicked witch doctor in Kentucky had concluded his autopsy in 2-3 hours and reached the conclusion that Mikayla was murdered, Monica would be screaming it to the world by now. She is truly one of the most shameless grifters and worst liars I have ever seen, yet the media treats her as a serious person.

However, according to a NBC report Mikayla’s body could not have been subject to an independent autopsy on May 6 or 7th, because she had long been cremated by then.

The “family,” which right now appears to be nothing more than Mikayla’s abusive mother Calvina Strothers, claims that this autopsy happened before Mikayla was cremated. She must’ve been cremated shortly after she died, yet Monica Cannon-Grant claims that her dead body was sent to another state to be examined by an unnamed doctor on May 6 or 7 – three weeks after Mikayla died. This is yet another easily disprovable lie.

“The family conducted their own autopsy before Mikayla’s body was cremated, but the results have not been released.”

A real media outlet would ask shameless liar Ben Crump who this unnamed medical examiner was that he needed to confer with. But nobody in the media actually presses Monica Cannon-Grant and Ben Crump because they’re gutless cowards who are afraid to speak truth to power and call out this obvious lie, so we will.


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