Monica Cannon-Grant Makes Website Explaining Why She’s Innocent, Asks People To Donate To New Bank Account Started By “27 People” To Pay For “Family Needs”


Even while facing over a dozen federal felony charges Monica Cannon-Grant cannot stop grifting. This week she announced the launching of her new fundraising site “Fight for Monica” on Instagram, and claims her counsel (presumably) gave her the green light to speak.


Translation – her court appointed attorney told her not to talk, but she figured he was just a white supremacist trying to prevent her from convincing the public that this whole thing was just one big mistake.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Monica claims she was harassed by yt (white) supremacists on Mother’s Day, and she has assembled a team of 27 unnamed people (who aren’t from Boston) who created a website for you to give her more money.

She doesn’t want people to donate to Violence in Boston or her PayPal or CashApp because the feds are monitoring all that, and she’s no longer allowed to use VIB to enrich herself while facing charges of using VIB to enrich herself. So just give money to this OTHER account, which is run by 27 unnamed people NOT named Monica Cannon-Grant.

The website describes MCG as a civil rights advocate who you should donate to for legal fees AND her “family’s needs.” It links to the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine stories honoring her, which for some reason they have not removed her from.

Except her family’s “personal needs” include nail salons and Bubba Gump Shrimp gift cards, and Monica is getting a paycheck from VIB while out on bail. She just got used to a certain lifestyle and can’t give it up now.

The website contains “testimonials” from a French teacher at Newton North High School named Sarah Bilodeau, and an anonymous community, both of who rave about the work Monica’s done.

So yea, things are going well for Monica.

Meanwhile, the Instagram account (which totally is NOT run by MCG and was encouraged by her attorney) is being used to lay out Monica’s upcoming defense. For instance, you may recall how her husband Clark got them in trouble when he attempted to use Violence in Boston’s bank account to obtain a mortgage to purchase their new home in glamorous Taunton. That might seem criminal, but as it turns out the mortgage lender screwed up by requesting account information from the wrong account.


So that settles that.

The indictment also states that MCG and Clark orchestrated a fake $3,000 gift from a friend in order to pay for closing costs on their home, but really it was a loan. She proved that was a lie by showing a redacted email that she claims is from her mortgage lender, in which he repeats what she told him about the $3,000 gift.

See? It’s his fault for saying what she said.¬†Sure, the woman who gave Monica the $3K told investigators that she expected to get it back because it was a loan, not a gift, but the mortgage lender believed Monica’s initial lie, therefore she is not guilty.

And you know that $400K home she bought with donated VIB money? That’s really not a big deal because the house she bought was less than the median price in Taunton.

It’s not stealing if you only buy a house that is worth less than the median home value in Taunton. Case dismissed.

Most importantly…..

She’s only being accused of stealing because she’s not yt.

Donna Braines is convinced.

That is the face of a person who almost definitely set up a monthly reminder on her phone to write reparations checks to whichever black person she most fears being called a racist by.

Her IG also details the crimes against her, which include the cops arresting her while she used her baby as a human shield.

And remember this text exchange, in which Monica admits that “unemployment caught my ass” because she was collecting PUA money while also drawing a paycheck from VIB, and then her husband conspires to write a fake letter saying that VIB was closed and Monica was actually out of work?


We didn’t see the WHOLE exchange, in which Monica said she’s on a payment plan to repay the tens of thousands of dollars she illegally collected while pretending to be unemployed.

It’s OK to steal money and defraud the government as long as you set up a payment plan afterwards to repay all the money you stole.

Monica had to endure the horror of being in a jail cell for 6 whole hours.

If she didn’t like 6 hours in jail then she’s REALLY gonna hate 6-10 years in jail.

Monica’s also big mad at the media that used to write glowingly about her because they’re only reporting on the allegations being made against her.

Good point Monica. Why is the media focusing on the 18 federal charges against her and not on the fact that she bought a bunch of tuna fish at BJ’s?

Plus, everyone else is getting their overpayments waived.

That’s what it was – an overpayment. Not a year’s worth of deliberate fraud in which Clark and Monica filled out weekly forms under the pains and penalties of perjury stating that they had no income when they really did. It’s just a simple overpayment. No biggie.

But the real question is, who is Monica Cannon-Grant?

Oh, I know the answer to that:

Bostonian of the year and 2021 Ratchet Madness Champion!

She also called Marty Walsh a mother f***er for 269 days straight on Twitter.

Now please empty your bank account for her so she can hit up Shake Shack for third lunch.

Her gang banging son also has her back.

He seems like he was raised well.

I, for one, am looking forward to Monica’s first hour long live video (which she will almost definitely remove from social media shortly after posting it when her lawyer calls her and tells her to stop talking) blaming white supremacists, disloyal/jealous black people, and the racist criminal justice system for conspiring against her. It’s gonna be so good.


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