Mother Blames Police For Shooting Teen Daughter Trying To Stab Unarmed Girl Despite Losing Her To Foster Care 


Minutes before Derek Chauvin was pronounced guilty for murdering George Floyd the media, race baiters, and grifters galore were reporting that an unarmed 15 year old girl in Columbus named Ma’Khiah Bryant had been shot and killed by a white police officer.

The police were called over reports of a female with a knife, and immediately the officer who shot her was broadcast and called a “racist ass b****” by some really pleasant people

Except body cam footage clearly shows that the “racist ass b****” actually saved the life of a black girl who was about to be stabbed to death by the teenager the cop shot.

In light of this BLM has now pivoted to the “kids have been stabbing each other for eons and the cop is still at fault” defense.

These people who pretend that black lives matter to them are upset that the life of a young black girl was saved by a police officer. But of course we know by now that they don’t give a damn about ALL black lives, just the lives of black people who are killed by cops. The girl who was about to be stabbed to death didn’t matter, but the girl doing the stabbing did.

The girl’s family showed up throw some gasoline on the fire shortly afterwards, starting with her ratchet auntie Hazel.

The girl’s aunt, Hazel Bryant, told The Dispatch that Bryant lived in a foster home and “got into an altercation with someone else at the home.” She said Ma’Khia had a knife but alleged she dropped it before being shot multiple times by a Columbus police officer.

“You ain’t going to have my niece go out like that. Either you report the truth or you don’t report nothing,” she told reporters at the scene.

“She was a good kid. She was loving. Yeah she had issues, but that’s okay. All of us go through s***. She was 15 motherf****** years old. She didn’t deserve to die like a dog in the street.”

I knew everything I needed to know about the girl’s mother when I saw her name was Ma’Khia. If you put an apostrophe in your kid’s name they’re a billion times more likely to end up in jail. That’s just science. Her mother was so negligent, and such a massive failure as a parent, that her daughter had to be placed in foster care. When she got there she caused trouble and tried to stab other troubled kids. Perhaps if Ma’Khia’s family spent as much time raising her and instilling morals as they did coming up with a name for her then she’d be alive today. This girl wouldn’t be dead if she wasn’t in a foster home.

But according to ratchet Auntie Hazel (who cares about her so much but doesn’t realize she’s 16, not 15) it was a completely normal part of the childhood experience to “go through some shit” like this. And by go through that she means, “stab a girl in the foster home for speaking ill of her.”

Nevertheless the mother, Paula Bryant, who was such a horrible mother that she raised a monster who stabs other kids and lost custody of this child to the state of Ohio, has been seeking out the media and insisting that her honor roll daughter was killed unjustly by the police.

Nice menthols in the bag there, Paula. And I’m sure the media will do exactly zero research that this girl was actually on the honor roll, which I’d be willing to bet she was not.

“Loving peaceful little girl”

Mom is also a grown ass woman who uses cat and dog filter.

She refers to herself as an “educated black queen.”

And claims to be some sort of CNA who was so essential that she couldn’t stay home during the pandemic.

Dog filter, CNA, foster home, and menthols. The complete ratchet package.

Who would want to be a cop these days? If he showed up and let the girl get stabbed to death they would’ve blamed him for allowing it to happen. He saved her life and they still blamed him. They were the ones who called the cops because they wanted an armed and trained person to protect them. He did just that. Now Twitter is allowing race hustlers like Ben Crump to lie about her being “unarmed” to millions of people, and the cop will be treated as the bad guy for saving a black girl’s life. Pathetic.


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