Mother Gets Destroyed After Posting That Special Ed Kids Don’t Need To Go Back To School Because They Bang Heads On Desk And Aren’t Going Places Anyway


Mary Beth and Christopher Nappa are a married couple with one daughter who live just outside of Syracuse.

Mary Beth owns Bella’s Bowtiques in Cicero, and over the weekend she broke the number one rule for business owners in the digital age – don’t write something insanely controversial and/or offensive on Facebook using your real name. It began in a group where a conversation about reopening schools was developing. In her daughter’s school district they are evidently bringing special ed kids back for 5 days a week, whereas other kids go 2 days a week. This actually makes perfect sense because special ed kids require more services and need to be in the school building more than anyone else. The Nappa’s daughter is not special ed, but Mary Beth believes that she should take priority over the SPED kids because the SPED kids aren’t going anywhere in life anyway.

She got torn apart for this but kept doubling down anyway.

Of course not all special kids bang their heads on the wall and have metldowns for no reason, but she kept persisting with this line of thinking.

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“I made it quite clear I was talking about the ones who are violent towards stuff.”

  1. No you didn’t.
  2. That really wouldn’t make it any better. Kids who “bang their heads on desks” probably need to be in school more than anyone, and their parents probably agree.

According to her other Facebook page Mary Beth is a “stay at home mom,” which means she’s unemployed with an Etsy account and calls it a business. When you’re self employed it’s harder for the cancel mob to do what it does. Once her comments started going viral she insisted that she wouldn’t lose customers over it.

Then she immediately lost her vendor booth at a local zoo.

It’s cool though, because according to her she could make more money sitting on her ass.

Her husband sure seems like a swell guy too.

But it’s OK because the two of them saved Paris from ISIS five years ago.

It should be noted that she has taken down Bella Bowtiques Facebook page and the remaining pages are all similarly named businesses in other states so don’t go there and comment. For real this time! Either way, special ed kids are still kids. They learn differently but they have an equal right to an education, and in the time we’re living in they need services more than anyone. It’s why schools need to reopen – because failure to do so affects them more than anyone.


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