Mother Posts Crying Video Blaming Unvaccinated For Giving Her Kid Asthma, Demands You Give Up Your Freedoms So She Can Leave House


This is Beth Gray, a she/her/they/them mother from Utah, along with her husband and three kids.

As you can tell by looking at them, they’re really into health. And the other day Beth posted a video on Facebook that is perhaps the best example I’ve ever seen of COVID derangement syndrome. Watch.


“I’m done, I’m so done.”

You’re done with exercise and dieting. Got it.

Ya know what I’m done with? Getting lectured about health by the morbidly obese. I just don’t care about your health or the danger you’re in because the Red Chinese cooked up a virus that preys on those who chose to eat poorly and not exercise. Yes, my freedoms are absolutely more important than your right to hide from a virus. We shut our world down to protect people like you, people lost their businesses, and kids lost a year and a half of school. We missed graduations, reunions, weddings, and funerals.

Well, I’m done. I’m done pretending that people like you are not suffering from a severe mental health disorder. I’m done pretending that people should be rewarded with pity and policy decisions because they went on Facebook and made fools of themselves crying about how free people are killing them.

“I’m tired of staying home. I’m tired of my kid saying when is it gonna have a vaccine for kids my age so we can go to a park. I’m tired. I’m telling my kids please wear your masks in school. I know your friends aren’t wearing them but we have to protect your little sister.”

I’m tired of people like you abusing kids, telling them they can’t go to parks, and making other people’s children wear masks in schools. I’m tired of people like you ignoring the undeniable fact that this virus was never a threat to children, but pretending it was anyway.

“Im tired of having people come to me because they’re scared and exhausted and frightened. I’m tired of people who are so selfish they can’t think past their own freedoms. It’s not freedom anymore. If you want your freedoms, the rest of stayed home and got our vaccines. Well it’s your turn to stay home. Your freedoms are done.”

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I’m tired of people people like you who think that my freedom ends when your hysterical, irrational fear mongering begins. I’m tired of people who think that not injecting an experimental vaccine, or choosing not to cover my face with a cloth diaper, is a form of selfishness.

“Do you wanna know what it’s like to have a kid who can’t breathe? I’ve watched my kids for the last 3.5 years struggling to breathe. I’m done. I’m done protecting my kids. I’m gonna keep fighting for them. You have no idea what it’s like to sit in a hospital room holding your kids hand. You have no idea what it’s like to watch your kid take his first steps in a hospital room. With a freaking nose kit on in their nose forcing oxygen because they can’t breathe.”

Your kid being in the hospital, struggling to breathe, has nothing to do with COVID. I’m tired of people weaponizing their sick kids as a way to pull on people’s heart strings and enact restrictions that have nothing to do with COVID. I feel bad that her kid is in the hospital, but my pity ends the moment she attempts to weaponize her struggles to take away my freedoms. This woman constantly posts pictures from the hospital with her kids tied to tubes.

If you’re not vaccinated it’s your fault. Every single kid who can’t breathe, it’s your fault.

Actually, it’s not. I didn’t give your kid asthma or COVID. But I’m willing to bet the fact that you and your husband weigh have a metric ton combined might have something to do with why your kids are always in the hospital.

She literally posted this two hours after that video.

Oh look, she’s getting together with her friends and no one is wearing masks. But what about the Delta variant? The vaccine doesn’t work for that I’m told. Or something. It’s hard to keep up with the latest fear mongering.

People like this should be mocked, shamed, and ridiculed. Normally I wouldn’t laugh at people like this, but they’re actively trying to force my children to do something that prevents them from breathing. We have to stop pretending like these are valid opinions that should be taken seriously. They’re not. Just laugh at them and go on living your life.


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